A few weeks ago, I wrote about my two celebrity crushes while growing up.

One was Leah Remini from the great show, King of Queens.

The other was Danielle Fishel from Boy Meets World. This column will be about that memorable television series…and one wrestling legend who is out of his mind.

I don’t think I need to explain myself very much here with Ms. Fishel. She played the wonderful Topanga and yeah, guys and girls all over the world fell in love with her. The relationship between Topanga and co-star Ben Savage’s Cory was so perfect. It was the Friends’ version of Ross and Rachel, except it never got repetitive and annoying after multiple seasons and multiple detours. This was love. This was Topanga and Cory! While Boy Meets World was funny on its own, the real story that made it epic was those two as the main characters.

Running from 1993-2000, this show was known all over the globe and still lives on to this day with a pin-off and of course, airing on Disney+. Yes folks, you can pause Loki for a few minutes today and re-live some Cory/Topanga memories. Such a cool pairing and is the definition of ‘nostalgia’ for million of people…

…except apparently WWE NXT commentator Wade Barrett!

I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for everybody, but he doesn’t know what Boy Meets World is! Even worse, he exposed himself big time when revealing that news to the world last week on the air. Live! Not even fellow commentator Beth Phoenix could convince him just how awesome the show was. Wade simply had no clue! I don’t know if this was him being in his ‘bad’ persona state of mind or not. Honestly, it shouldn’t matter. Fans were NOT happy with him!


The Twitter reaction was not kind to Mr. Barrett. While one could make the argument he isn’t from the United States, that shouldn’t matter – Boy Meets World aired everywhere! A major, major show. Wade should have been the prime age for this all, as it sept the world. BeatleMania, eat your heart out! Cory and Topanga were EVERYWHERE in the 90’s! Heck, there wasn’t even a wrestling themed episode, and Danielle has discussed her own wrestling fandom for years now! Geez. For his part, Wade did eventually respond to the backlash and well…

Come on man! What say you readers? Is Wade Barrett truly out of his mind here? I think so…


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