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WWE Issues Kayfabe Update on SmackDown “Injuries”

Written by Jameus Mooney

On this weeks episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Otis was supposed to take on Baron Corbin before being attacked by Jey Uso. Corbin later on worked a match with Buddy Murphy as Otis was deemed “unable to continue” as part of the progression in Jey Uso’s storyline with Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

WWE has issued the following update on Otis, via their website: “Otis was evaluated by WWE Medical following Jey Uso’s attack. The evaluation revealed multiple areas of contusions and tenderness of the muscles throughout the thoracic spine region. Examination of the bony regions of the thoracic spine and ribs did not reveal any abnormalities.”

Kayfabe translation I’d say is to expect Otis back on television within two weeks tops, although I’d love for blindside attacks like that to actually be effective for a change. Meanwhile, Jey Uso wrestled Kevin Owens at the end of the show and Owens brutality assaulted Uso to get the attention of Roman Reigns.

The WWE has issued an update on Jey Uso: “Jey Uso was sent to the trainer’s room following his match with Kevin Owens and the ringside physician’s evaluation revealed a bilateral upper extremity weakness as a result of the stretching of the lower cervical nerve roots from the chair strikes. The belief is that this weakness is temporary and should be resolved over the next few days.”

I don’t even have to translate this one: he’ll be back next week. While I love the content Jey Uso’s character is putting out, it would’ve been refreshing to see him disappear for a few weeks to sell the injury and give Reigns more of a kayfabe reasoning behind shifting his focus.

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