The February 21st edition of Friday Night Smackdown took place in Phoenix, Arizona. Tonight’s show was much anticipated as it was advertised as a night of returns and the go home show prior to the Super Showdown pay-per-view next Thursday.

Without further ado, lets recap the action from tonight’s Smackdown.

Segment 1- The Usos opened up the show and discussed how even though they weren’t present on Smackdown last week they were still a hot topic seeing as the Miz and John Morrison couldn’t get the USO’s name out of their mouths. The Usos then introduce the New Day and the two tag teams tease another battle for the tag team titles once the New Day makes short work of Miz and Morrison at Super Showdown. The Miz and Morrison interrupt and claim that if the Usos want another opportunity for the tag titles they will have to face the self proclaimed “Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century!” Miz and Morrison joke about attempting to start a chant similar to that of the Usos and New Day in an attempt to get over with the crowd. John Morrison takes a stab at the crowd by introducing Dolph Ziggler as the guy who “Won Valentine’s Day.” Ziggler and Roode enter and the 8 man-tag match sets up before the break.

Match 1- The Usos & The New Day vs. Miz & Morrison & Roode & Ziggler. The match begins with The Uso’s & The New Day jumping out to an early advantage, trapping Ziggler in the corner and wearing him down. The momentum however gets flipped when Robert Roode is tagged in and overpowers Kofi Kingston with an eye poke and a flurry of sneak attacks by his partners while Ziggler distracts the referee. Kofi and Morrison unleash a spectacular sequence of aerial offense, leading to a tag in which Big E enters the match and overpowers Miz and Morrison respectively. Jey enters the match and receives a combination of a spinebuster and Zig-zag from Roode and Ziggler. As Roode attempts the cover Jimmy Uso breaks up the pin. From there, the Usos release a series of superkicks to Roode and pick up the win via pinfall.

Segment 2- Drew Gulak stops Daniel Bryan backstage. Gulak says that he has noticed several holes in Bryan’s skills against the Fiend and Health Slater and has prepared a PowerPoint presentation to help Bryan improve. Heath Slater appears and claims that Bryan embarrassed him a few weeks ago and made his kids cry. Slater then challenges Bryan to a rematch, Bryan suggests that Gulak use his PowerPoint to help Slater prepare for their match later in the show.

Segment 3- Valentines Day Date Fallout. Tucker appears on Otis’ behalf and berates Mandy for inviting Dolph Ziggler to her and Otis’ Valentine’s Day date. He says that Otis received a text from Mandy stating that she was running late for their date. Last Week when Otis arrived, he found Mandy and Dolph sharing a glass of wine and stormed out of the restaurant. Tucker then says that Otis was so distraught that he didn’t want to leave his hotel for the show tonight. Tucker also says he should’ve known better than trusting Mandy to have good intentions.

Segment 4- Lacey Evans’ interview with Renee Young. Lacey says that her loss to Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley at the Royal Rumble was a tough pill to swallow, but she takes pride in putting her best foot forward and not giving up until the mission is accomplished. Lacey says that her goal moving is winning the Elimination Chamber match to earn another match against Bayley at Wrestlemania.

Match 2- Symphony of Destruction match: Elias & Braun Strowman vs. Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro w/ Sami Zayn- (No Rules, Falls Count Anywhere, & Musical instruments as weapons) Shinsuke and Elias begin the match with Elias gaining the upperhand rather quickly and begins beating Nakamura with a tambourine and delivers a sharp kneestrike. Outside of the ring, Strowman smashes the Cesaro over the head with a kick-drum. Following that, Strowman dominates Nakamura and Cesaro for a good deal of time until the team is able thwart one of his attacks and suplex him through a bass cello laying ringside. Nakamura attempts to deliver a Kinshasa to Elias who is rested upon a gong, Elias reverses this attempt as Strowman and him regain control. The match ends with Elias elbow dropping Cesaro through a table while Strowman delivers a running power slam to Nakamura onto a piano and pinning him to win the match.

Segment 5- King Corbin sets the record straight about Roman Reigns in Backstage Interview. Corbin promises that at Super Showdown it will be the end of Roman Reigns and the idea that Reigns is a locker room leader and the face of the WWE. Corbin doubles down by saying that Roman has to hide behind his cousins and that he has never beaten him in a true 1-on-1 match. Corbin says that after Super Showdown, Reigns, The Usos, and the entire WWE will bow before the king.

Segment 6- A Moment of Bliss featuring the Bella Twins. The Twins express their excitement to be back on Smackdown in their hometown, and thank the fans for helping them achieve their dreams and smashing through barriers. They also express how exciting it is for them both to be pregnant at the same time and call the Hall of Fame induction “The cherry on top of it all.”

Match 3- Daniel Bryan vs. Health Slater. The match begins with Slater shoving and Bryan quickly putting him into the Yes Lock. Slater grabs the ropes and Bryan is forced to relinquish the hold. Slater takes down Bryan and heads to the top while his “coach,” Drew Gulak tries to convince him otherwise. Slater misses horribly and is never really able to recover as Bryan wins relatively quickly after delivering the Yes Kicks and a running knee.

Segment 7- Mandy Rose leaves with Dolph Ziggler. Mandy is seen standing by the exit to the arena. Dolph asks why she is standing there alone and she claims she is waiting on her ride. Dolph says that he brought his car and she can ride with him. She accepts and the two leave the arena, meanwhile Otis appears from behind some storage crates having heard the entire exhange.

Match 4- Naomi vs Carmella for the opportunity to face Bayley at Super Showdown. The two shake hands and Naomi pulls Carmella into a headlock to gain the early advantage. The two have a long back-and-forth sequence, showcasing their athleticism through an abundance of reversals. After a pin attempt from Carmella, Naomi escapes the ring for a quick breather receives a fair amount of heckling from Bayley who is watching the match closely. After a number of warnings from the official, Bayley is ejected from ringside. Carmella gains the momentum and delivers a series of strong strikes and locks Naomi in the code of silence submission move. Naomi however manages to break the hold and continue to wear down Carmella until she can hit her patented split-legged moonsault and pick up the win to advance to Super Showdown.

Segment 8- Goldberg comes face to mask with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt. Goldberg enters the arena to loud chorus of “GOOOOLDBEEERGGG!” chants. As he is telling “The Fiend” to prepare for war, Goldberg is interrupted by the Firefly Fun House intro. Goldberg states that he didn’t come to talk, the only thing he is interested in is the Universal Championship. Bray introduces his “friends” from the funhouse and teases Goldberg that he knows someone special who is dying to meet him. Goldberg calls it and predicts that The Fiend will be behind him when he turns around. The two stare each other down for a brief moment and Goldberg delivers a viscous spear to The Fiend. As Goldberg lines up for another spear, the lights in the arena go completely dark. When the lights come back on, an annoyed Goldberg stands in the ring as the show goes off the air.

All things considered, a pretty decent send off show for the Super Showdown pay-per-view. It will be interesting to see if Smackdown has any new champions after next Thursday.

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