For the past few shows, we have seen Bad Bunny enter the professional wrestling world. Not only at the WWE Royal Rumble but also on Raw, Bad Bunny is officially on the road to WrestleMania. It seems pretty clear he is headed towards an actual in-ring matchup. Right now, smart money is tagging with Damian Priest versus The Miz and John Morrison. That is what we’re currently looking at.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Bow Wow has also offered to throw his name into the hat (or wrestling ring in this case). He wants to tag up with Rey Mysterio and go after the tag team titles. Based on future tweets, he does make note of wanting to get into shape first. Fair is fair. Time will tell if anything comes of this tease.

However, until that is all sorted, WWE President and Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan made some interesting comments to about Cardi B.

“Obviously, there is no touring right now, so the ability to get Bad Bunny for however long this run is going to be—and you’re going to see a lot of him—I don’t believe that would have existed in a world where Bad Bunny was on tour. That’s going to be a continual effort, so we’re always going to watch Bad Bunny, Cardi B to get involved.”

The full article can be found on if you choose to dive deeper into the situation.

Cardi B isn’t exactly new to the WWE scene. She has been name dropped before and was apparently a big fan about a decade ago. Just follow her online to read all about the cool, little factoids she drops on her past WWE knowledge. As for any potential WrestleMania appearance, there have been plenty of female celebrities to appear: Kim Kardashian, Snooki, Pamela Anderson, Joan Rivers, Cyndi Lauper, and countless others have shown up over the years.

Is Cardi B next?

You tell me.

Written by Justin Watry (TWITTER: @JustinWatry)


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