The last stop for WWE before WrestleMania 36, in the form of the Elimination Chamber PPV event, took place from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this evening. It was headlined by 2 Elimination Chamber matches as well as a United States Championship match, an Intercontinental Championship match & a match for the RAW Tag-Team Championships.

Let’s get into tonight’s action…

Kickoff Show – Jonathan Coachman & Charly Caruso are hosting tonight’s Kickoff Show, joining them on the panel is David Otunga & Peter Rosenberg. The panel runs down tonight’s entire card then announces that Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak will open the PPV. We then get a video hyping up the Elimination Chamber match that will determine Becky Lynch’s challenger at WrestleMania. One of the participants in the match, is Ruby Riott, who joins the panel. Caruso asks Ruby about her former teammates, Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan. Ruby says she taught them the ropes in WWE & will put them back in line, tonight. Ruby then says she doesn’t understand why she’s being overlooked. She goes on to say that tonight, everyone will see what she’s capable of. She adds that her teammates relied on her in the chamber once before, but unlike them, she doesn’t need anyone. The SmackDown Tag-Team Champions, The Miz & John Morrison join the show from the backstage area. Miz says he & Morrison have been elevating the tag-team division & they are the face of tag-team Wrestling. Rosenberg asks Morrison about being in the chamber after being away for 9 years but before he can answer, Miz steps in & says he doesn’t appreciate that question because it implies that Morrison has ring rust. The interview ends there. The panel moves on to Aleister Black vs AJ Styles’ No-DQ match. Aleister is shown backstage where he cuts a pre-taped promo. He goes on to say that nobody can save Styles from the loneliness that he’ll be feeling, tonight. The panel then discusses the Intercontinental Championship Handicap Match between Champion, Braun Strowman & challengers Shinsuke Nakamura, Sami Zayn & Cesaro. After a video package hyping up that match, Kayla Braxton interviews Strowman, backstage. Strowman says it doesn’t mayyer if he’s fighting 3 men or 300 men, they’ll all get these hands. After the interview, the panel goes over the WrestleMania card as R-Truth joins the panel. Truth & Rosenberg have a comedic back & forth before the panel introduces the commentary team who are about to call the lone Kickoff Show match of the evening, The Viking Raiders vs Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins. The 2 teams make their respective entrances as the bell rings & we’re underway. Ryder gets after it early on Erik for a couple of minutes but after only a few minutes, Viking Raiders hit the “Viking Experience” for the pin-fall victory. Back to the panel, who again rundown the card, for tonight. Sarah Schreiber is backstage & interviewing the United States Champion, Andrade & his manager, Zelina Vega. Sarah asks how Andrade will reverse the fortunes since Carrillo just pinned him, last Monday night on RAW. Zelina says they take offense to that comment since Rey Mysterio unfairly cost Andrade the match, last week & Carrillo may be a future champion, but that will never happen as long as Andrade has the belt. We then see The Uso’s backstage cutting a promo on the other 5 teams in the SmackDown Tag-Team Championship Elimination Chamber match & say they welcome all of the 10 other guys to the “Uso Penitentiary”. The panel then gives their predictions for that match as the Kickoff Show ends. The Elimination Chamber PPV is now underway. You can see the Kickoff show, in it’s entirety, below.

Segment 1 – Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak. The match begins with Gulak being on the aggressive. The pair have a terrific little back & forth for a few minutes. Bryan hits his signature “Yes!” kicks as the crowd is behind Bryan as always. Gulak hit a nasty German Suplex from the top rope & Bryan’s neck looks like it took a nasty bump but he seems to be OK. Gulak goes for a a reverse suplex into a Dragon Sleeper but Bryan rolls it into the “Yes! Lock”, Gulak goes unconscious as the referee waves the match off. Bryan wins by submission.

Segment 2 – United States Championship – Andrade (C) (with Zelina Vega) vs Humberto Carrillo. The match starts with Andrade drilling Carrillo with a spinning back elbow, goes for the cover but Carrillo is able to kick out. The pair go back & forth for a couple of minutes with some fast-pace offense then Andrade tosses Carrillo out of the ring, Carrillo struggles to get back in, but is able to beat the 10 count after barely crawling back in after the referee makes his 9-count. Back in the ring, Andrade starts working on Carrillo’s left arm, Carrillo breaks out of it but Andrade gets control back after a knee to the mid-section. Andrade goes for a running knee but Carrillo ducks & pushes Andrade over the top rope & Andrade takes a nasty spill outside. Carrillo hits Andrade with a jaw-breaker, a tilt-a-whirl back-breaker & then goes for a double moonsault but Andrade catches him & throws him into the corner. Andrade goes for the spinning back elbow once again, but Carrillo catches him, tosses him to the apron, Andrade punches Carrillo, heads to the top rope but Carrillo nails him with a step-up kick. Both men now on the top rope, trading punches, then Carrillo hits Andrade with a super-huricarana, goes for the cover but the champion stays alive after a 2-count. Carrillo heads back up to the top rope, goes for a moonsault, Andrade slides out of the way, throws Carrillo into the corner & drills him with the running double knees, goes for the cover but Carrillo gets his shoulder up after a 2-count. Outside of the ring, Zelina Vega rolls back the protective mat & exposes the concrete flooring. Andrade tosses Carrillo to the outside but Carrillo throws Andrade out of the way, goes back into the ring & hits a flying moonsault to the outside on Andrade. Both men back in the ring, Carrillo goes for another moonsault but Andrade catches him, rolls him up, Carrillo kicks out, both men roll each other up back & forth a few times but both keep kicking out then Andrade finally gets the win after a roll-up pin & he grabs Carrillo’s tights for the 3-count. STILL United States Champion, Andrade.

Segment 3 – Charly Caruso is backstage where she introduces AJ Styles. Charly asks AJ how the No-DQ rules will play into his favor, tonight. AJ says everyone keeps asking will Gallows & Anderson join him at ringside & the answer is yes, but it’s only for support. Charly then asks if that’s fair, AJ says no but that’s because he’s phenomenal then laughs & walks away.

Segment 4 – SmackDown Tag-Team Championships, Elimination Chamber Match – The Miz & John Morrison (C) vs New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E) vs The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) vs Heavy Machinery (Otis & Tucker) vs Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler vs Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado). The Usos & New Day are starting this one off & we know Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode will enter last because of their win in the gauntlet match, last Friday on SmackDown. Lucha House Party is in next, Dorado starts hitting springboard stunners on everyone then Metalik goes for a cover on Kofi but Kofi kicks out at 2. Dorado & Metalik hit a pair of moonsaults on Jimmy Uso, Dorado goes for the cover but Jey breaks it up. Kofi & Big E are back up & take out both Dorado & Metalik, Kofi slams Metalik onto Dorado, Kofi goes for a flip onto Dorado but they slip out of the way, big E picks Dorado up & chucks him into the chamber wall but Dorado catches himself & climbs the fence & gets on top of one of the pods, Kofi meets him up there, so does Metalik, Kofi gets pushed off of the pod, Dorado hits a flying cross-body onto both Uso brothers & Metalik hits one onto both members of the New Day. The SmackDown Tag-Team Champions, The Miz & John Morrison are next in. They come running right in & attack Kofi Kingston & then Jey Uso. the pair start double teaming Lince Dorado in middle of the ring & Miz plants him with a running kick to the back of the head, goes for the cover but Metalik breaks up the count. Miz throws Metalik into the corner & starts unloading kicks into his mid-section. Jimmy Uso runs into the ring but Miz & Morrison catch him, hit him with a double slam, go for the double cover but Jey is in to break it up. Morrison hits Jey with a springboard kick, Miz covers him but Jey kicks out at 2. Morrison has Dorado lifted above his head & plants him with a slam, goes for the cover but Metalik breaks the cover. Metalik is on top of one of the pods & Morrison follows him up there. Morrison is knocked down to the top rope & Metalik jumps from the pod to Morrison, catches him in mid-air with a hurricarana, goes for the cover & Miz breaks it up. The champions have Kofi in middle of the ring & hit him ewith a double slam, Miz goes for the cover but Big E breaks up the cover. Miz takes down Big E & unloads a few kicks to the mid-section, Big E catches one of them & drills him with a power-bomb, goes for the cover but Morrison breaks it up, as Heavy Machinery enter the match. Otis & Tucker start cleaning house & start mashing both Uso’s against the chamber fence. Tucker hits Metalik with a sidewalk slam goes for the cover but Metalik kicks out. Big E runs into the ring but Otis takes him down. Otis hits Big E with the “Caterpillar” as all members run into the middle of the ring & start brawling, Lince Dorado starts climbing the top of the chamber & hits an insane back-flip onto the entire field of competitors. Otis & Tucker hit the “Compactor” onto Metalik, Otis covers him & gets the 3-count. Lucha House Party is eliminated. Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode are now in the match as every team has now entered, they start brawling with Heavy Machinery as the crowd goes wild. Otis has Ziggler in a headlock but Ziggler breaks out & tries to climb the chamber wall to get away, he’s now on top of the pod, but Tucker climbs the other side & smashes Ziggler’s head into the chamber wall & throws him down as Otis catches him & throws him down. Tucker then hits a ridiculous back-flip off of the pod onto the other members of the match. Ziggler & Roode get up & start double teaming Otis but Otis throws them both down before they can throw him into the chamber wall. Roode saves Ziggler form being throw into the pod but Otis levels him with a back-drop then tries to spear Ziggler through the pod, Ziggler ducks out of the way & Otis goes through the pod & breaks through the entire side of the chamber & ends up on the outside of the ring. The referees & medical staff atrend to Otis as Tucker looks extremely mad, he gets in the ring & starts brawling with Ziggler & Roode but Ziggler hits a super-kick on Tucker then Roode follows it up with a “Glorious DDT”, they both cover Tucker & get the pin-fall. Heavy Machinery is eliminated as the medical staff escort Otis to the back. Ziggler & Roode taunt them but Kofi takes out Ziggler & Big E hits the “Big Ending” on Roode then The Uso’s hit simultaneous dives form the top of the pods onto the 2 of them & cover each of them for the elimination. Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode are eliminated. The Uso’s & New Day stare down Miz & Morrison as they take down the champions with a double team then they throw them out of the ring. The Uso’s plant super-kicks on Big E & Kofi then hit Kofi with a Samoan Drop, go for the cover but Kofi kicks out at a 2-count. They then plant Big E with a Samoan Drop, go for the cover but he also kicks out at 2. Kofi gets Jey down, climbs to the top of one of the pods, goes for a cross-body, misses & Miz & Morrison run into the ring & double-cover Kofi & pick-up the elimination. The New Day are eliminated. We’re down to the SmackDown Tag-Team Champions, The Miz & John Morrison & The Uso’s. The Uso’s each hit super-kicks on the champs, both go for a cover, but both Miz & Morrison kick out. The Uso’s each go for a dive off of the pod, Jimmy plants Morrison but Miz gets his knees in the way of Jey & rolls him up while Jimmy covers Morrison but they both kick out. Not sure what would have happened if the both got the 3-count, there. Anyway, Miz hits a “Skull-Crushing Finale” on Jey, goes for the cover but Jey kicks out. Morrison then hits a “Star-ship Pain” on Jey, goes for the cover but Jimmy breaks it up, plants Morrison with a super-kick, goes for a cover but Morrison kicks out. Morrison & Miz then roll up Jimmy with very creative double cover using the ropes & get the 3-count. STILL SmackDown Tag-Team Champions, The Miz & John Morrison.

Segment 5 – Charly Caruso is shown backstage interviewing Natalya. She asks how her friend, Beth Phoenix is doing after being RKO’d by Randy Orton, this past Monday on RAW. Natalya said Beth will pull through, unlike Randy after Edge gets his hands on him, tomorrow night, on RAW. She says she’s going to unleash her legacy on the rest of the participants in the Women’s Chamber, later tonight.

Segment 6 – No-Disqualification Match – AJ Styles (with The OC) vs Aleister Black. The match begins with a Kendo stick being introduced, AJ attempts to blast Black with it, but Black takes him out, Black then goes for a hit with the weapon, but Styles drop-kicks him out of the ring. AJ goes for an outside dive over the top rope but Black levels him with a knee in mid-air. Black grabs a table from underneath the ring & sets it up at ringside. AJ comes out of nowhere with a steel-chair & drills Black to the back of the knees with it. AJ throws Black back into the ring as Black is struggling to even move with the injured knee. The pair trade a couple of heavy shots in middle of the ring, AJ tries to throw Black into the corner where a chair is setup between the turnbuckles, but Black ducks out of the way & AJ plants him with a super-kick. AJ lays on some hard kicks to a downed Black as hes writhing in pain. AJ begins throwing some heavy leg kicks to the injured left leg of Black, Black starts fighting back & unleashes a nasty knee to the head that lays out AJ. Still struggling to walk, Black tries to hit AJ with a running elbow but AJ rolls him up into the “Calf-Crusher” to the injured left leg. Black crawls to the kendo stick & starts choking AJ with it until he lets go of the hold. Black gets up & starts drilling AJ with the weapon about 10 times & screams to rile up the Philly crowd. AJ low-blows Black then nails him with the “Pele Kick” to knock him down. Both men are down AJ finally gets to his feet as he plants Black with a brain-buster, goes for the cover but Black is able to kick out after a 2-count. The pair trade some heavy shots back & forth for a few minutes then AJ drills Black with a knee to the throat. Black gets up at kicks AJ in the face, AJ then counters another kick into a Tombstone Piledriver attempt & does the throat slash but Black rolls him up for a cover, but AJ kicks out then Black throws AJ into the chair that was setup in the corner, between the turnbuckles. AJ slips out of the ring but Black follows him out there, AJ slams Black’s injured left knee into the announce table then backs up & drills him with a clothesline over the table. AJ clears off the announce table, climbs to the top of it, grabs Black & drags him to the top of it, goes for a suplex but Black slams AJ’s face into the table & AJ falls to the floor, below. AJ struggles to his feet & Black hits him with a Meteora from the top of the announce table through the table Black setup at ringside, earlier in the match. Black throws AJ back in the ring & is about to go for the “Black Mass” but Gallows & Anderson get into the ring, Black lays both of them out but then the numbers advantage get the better of him & Gallows & Anderson plant Black with the “Magic Killer”. Gallows & Anderson lift him up, AJ goes to the apron & is about to go for the springboard elbow but the lights go out & the gong hits…the lights go back on & The Undertaker is choking out Gallows & Anderson, AJ jumps off the ropes but Taker catches him & plants him with a choke-slam. The lights go back off, the gong hits & Taker is gone. The lights come back up & Black is back in the ring & levels AJ with the “Black Mass”, goes for the cover & gets the 3-count.

Segment 7 – RAW Tag-Team Championships – Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) (C) vs Seth Rollins & Murphy (with Authors of Pain). Before the match, the Champions are in Guerrilla position & say they want the smoke. They teams make their respective entrances & the match is underway. Rollins & Dawkins start this one off, they begin with a test of strength, Rollins breaks out & tags in Murphy. Dawkins takes down Murphy then tags in Ford as Murphy tags in Rollins. Rollins throws Ford into the corner & starts raking his eyes with his elbow. Murphy is tagged in by Rollins, Rollins tries to double team Ford but the Profits knock them both out of the ring. Dawkins & Murphy are now the legal participants. Murphy rolls out of the ring, runs back in & tags in Rollins, Rollins trips up Dawkins & starts working on his left leg. Rollins slaps Dawkins who’s trying to crawl back to his feet but Rollins throws him back to his own corner & tags in Murphy who continues the assault on Dawkins’ left leg. Dawkins flips Murphy out of the ring, tries to make the tag but Murphy slides back in the ring & grabs his leg but Dawkins overpowers him & makes the tag to Ford. Ford hits a flying dive onto Murphy, follows it up with a standing moonsault, goes for the cover but Murphy gets the shoulder up at 2. Rollins distracts the referee as Authors of Pain grab Ford, slide him out of the ring & throw him into the barricade. The Viking Raiders come out to the ring & start brawling with Authors of Pain & the 4 continue brawling & go backstage. Back in the ring, Ford goes for a quick cover on Rollins but Rollins kicks out. Rollins then rolls Ford up but Ford also kicks out at 2. Rollins applies a grounded headlock on Ford as Ford’s able to get back up to his feet but Rollins plants him with a Falcon Arrow, goes for another cover but Ford once again is able to stay alive & kicks out. Rollins tags in Murphy who applies another grounded headlock to Ford in the middle of the ring, Ford battles to his feet & breaks out of it with a few elbows to Murphy’s midsection. Ford tries to run to his corner to make the tag but Murphy catches him & plants him with a spine-buster, goes for the cover, but Ford kicks out. Murphy tags in Rollins as Ford once again runs to the corner & he’s able to break out of Rollins’ hold to tag in Dawkins. Dawkins takes out both Rollins & Murphy & hits Rollins with a Bulldog. Ford is tagged back in & hits a cutter after spring-boarding off of Dawkins, goes for the cover but Rollins kicks out. Rollins hits Ford with a sling-blade then tags in Murphy who has a super-kick blocked, but Rollins & Murphy then hit a double super-kick on Dawkins, Murphy goes for the cover but Dawkins kicks out after a 2-count. Rollins tags himself in as Dawkins lays him out, tags in Ford, Ford hits Rollins with a frog-splash off of the top rope, but Rollins rolls him up for the cover but Ford kicks out. Rollins tags Murphy in & power-bombs Ford into the turnbuckle, follows it up with double knees to the face, goes for the pin, but Ford kicks out. With Rollins & Dawkins both out at ringside, Ford & Murphy are now on the top turnbuckle, Ford is pushed off & tags in Dawkins as the Street Profits go for a double superplex but Rollins comes in & takes everyone out with a power-bomb. Everyone out in the middle of the ring as Kevin Owens comes out through the crowd, sits on the announce table & eats Popcorn then throws the Popcorn at Rollins as Dawkins drills Rollins him into the barricade. Murphy goes for a diving move outside of the ring but Ford & Dawkins catch him & throw him into the barricade, drag him back into the ring & Ford covers Murphy & gets the 3-count. STILL RAW Tag-Team Champions, The Street Profits. After the match, Kevin Owens gets in the ring & hits Rollins with a Stunner then exits the ring & dumps his Popcorn on Murphy’s head & heads backstage.

Segment 8 – Intercontinental Championship, 3-on-1 Handicap Match – Braun Strowman (C) vs Shinsuke Nakamura, Sami Zayn & Cesaro. Braun makes his entrance then his 3 opponents are in Guerrilla position being interviewed by Kayla Braxton. Kayla asks if they’re nervous, Sami asks if he looks nervous, then says no & after months & months of feuding with Braun, he hasn’t laid a single hand on him. Zayn then says he wants to go 1-on-1 with Braun & asks Shinsuke & Cesaro to stay on the apron & then says the Intercontinental Championship will come back to where it belongs. They all make their respective entrances & the match begins. Zayn begins the match against Braun. Zayn tags in Shinsuke right away & Braun knocks him down & then pushes Zayn off of the apron. Braun destroys Shinsuke with a vicious clothesline then starts tossing him around the ring & into the corners then hits a running splash into the corner. Zayn distracts Braun & Shinsuke dropkicks Braun’s legs to knock him down as he tags in Cesaro. Cesaro drills Braun with an upper-cut then tags in Zayn who satrts unloading kicks on a grounded Braun, Zayn tags Shinsuke back in who starts unloading kicks of his own on Braun. Shinsuke tags Zayn back in & continues dropping kicks on Braun, then tags Cesaro back in. Cesaro lays Braun out with aan upper-cut, goes for the cover but Braun kicks out at 2. Cesaro tags Zayn back in who starts landing punches on Braun, who gets right up & Zayn tags Shinsuke in who kicks the back of Braun’s knees & applies a sleeper hold as Braun begins to fade but then powers out & hits Shinsuke with a suplex. Shinsuke crawls to his corner & tags in Cesaro. Braun starts tossing Cesaro around the ring as Cesaro is able to sneak a tag to Shinsuke, Braun tosses Shinsuke out of the ring & Zayn gets in & punches Braun in the back of the head but Braun doesn’t budge. Zayn runs outside of the ring & Braun drills Cesaro & Shinsuke but Zayn crawls under the ring as Shinsuke & Cesaro are able to get ahold of Braun & throw him into the steel stairs. Zayn now joins his team & gets out from underneath the ring, they throw Braun in, Cesaro goes for the cover but Braun kicks out after a 2-count. Cesaro drills BRaun into the ring post, Shinsuke plants a “Kinshasa” on Braun as the 3 hit a triple suplex on Braun while Zayn goes for the “Helluva Kick”, then the cover & Sami Zayn wins, NEW Intercontinental Champion, Sami Zayn.

Segment 9 – Elimination Chamber Match, Winner faces Becky Lynch for the RAW Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 36 – Shayna Baszler vs Asuka vs Ruby Riott vs Liv Morgan vs Sarah Logan vs Natalya. The 6 ladies make their entrances & the match is underway. Ruby Riott & Natalya are starting this one off. They go right after each other, Ruby hits Nattie with a suplex on the steel outside, throws her back in the ring, goes for a cover but Nattie kicks out. Ruby throws Nattie back to the outside & starts kicking her head against the chamber wall & starts to talk trash to her opponent. Ruby continues the dominance over Nattie & throws her into the cell a few times before kicking her head into it. Nattie finally gets some offense in & throws Ruby against the wall as Sarah Logan enters the match. Sarah spears Nattie through one of the pods as Ruby tries to climb up to the pod, which she does. Sarah meets her up there & they begin to brawl on the pod, Nattie grabs Ruby & power-bombs her onto the steel floor then Sarah jumps off the pod & takes both Nattie & Ruby out. The 3 start to brawl as Shayna Baszler is next to join the match. Shayna immediately applies the Kirifuda Clutch to Sarah Logan who taps right away. Sarah Logan is eliminated. Baszler then applies the hold to Ruby who also taps immediately. Ruby Riott is eliminated. Baszler turns her attention to Natalya who is still laying in the broken pod, Baszler starts slamming her against the door repeatedly the locks in the Kirifuda Clutch & much like Ruby & Sarah, she taps out. Natalya is eliminated. Shayna starts taunting Liv Morgan & Asuka who are still locked in their chambers, then Liv Morgan is next to enter. Shayna takes her out immediately & slams her viciously into the pod several times, taunts the crowd & Liv crawls back in the ring. Shayna goes up to Asuka’s pod & again, taunts her. Shayna tosses Liv to the outside & holds Liv’s motionless body up against the pod then applies the Kirifuda Clutch while staring at Asuka, Liv goes unconscious. Liv Morgan is eliminated. Shayna continues to taunt Asuka, who’s still locked in her pod. Asuka is finally let out & the brawl is on. Asuka takes Shayna down with a back body splash, she goes for another one, but Shayna catches her & starts raining down kicks. Asuka is able to take down Shayna then goes for the “Asuka Lock”, Shayna rolls out of it but Asuka is able to lock it in but Shayna rolls out of the ring & repeatedly backs Asuka into the chamber wall to break the hold. Shayna starts working on Asuka’s injured left wrist against the ropes, tosses Asuka back in the ring & goes for another hold, Asuka breaks out but Shayna again applies a hold to the injured wrist of Asuka. Shayna drils Asuka with a slam, follows it up with a knee to the face & gets Asuka to go to sleep with the Kirifuda Clutch for the win. It’s Shayna Baszler challenging, Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 36 for the RAW Women’s Championship.

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