WWE Draft 2021: Breaking down what wrestlers could get moved on Night Two

Written by Doug Rush

WWE Draft 2021: Breaking down what wrestlers could get moved on Night Two.

The first night of the 2021 WWE Draft came and went on Friday night’s Smackdown Live and a lot of the moves were expected.

Roman Reigns was the number one overall pick going to Smackdown. Big E was headed to Raw. Each show keeps their respective men’s champion.

Some moves that were expected were also needed. Drew McIntyre and Jeff Hardy are both headed to Smackdown. Edge going to Raw.

Then there were a few moves that made you wonder about. Charlotte going to Smackdown with the Raw Women’s Championship. The New Day drafted to Smackdown.

If you looked back at the preview we did before Smackdown, we had quite a few of these moves happening with the exception of maybe one or two; and in fairness, those moves can still happen on Monday night.

So what can we expect on Night Two of the 2021 WWE Draft?

Seth Rollins to Raw

In the first preview, we had Edge and Seth Rollins both going. We got Edge right, and considering they are in the midst of a heated feud, it would be a surprise to not see Seth Rollins follow over to Monday nights.

Seth would be a great challenger to Big E for the WWE Championship and to Damian Priest for the United States Championship if he stays. If somehow King Nakamura were to get drafted to Raw with the Intercontinental Championship, that would be another excellent feud as well.

Putting Rollins back on the red brand opens up so many possibilities because he’s a tremendous worker and can literally do anything on the show.

AJ Styles to Smackdown

We are also sticking with this one too, as Styles and Omos should split up for both of their careers. Their run as a tag team is done. Omos should stay on Raw; put him with The Hurt Business.

Styles is a part of the fabric that is Smackdown and should be part of the blue brand. Even if they didn’t split him and Omos up, he should still go to the show that he’s been mostly a part of during his stint in WWE.

Becky Lynch to Raw

With Charlotte being drafted to Smackdown, it seems like Becky and the Smackdown Women’s Championshipare headed over to the other side. But with the moves not being finalized until after Crown Jewel later this month, it gives a lot of time for things to happen.

Becky is set to defend the belt against Bianca Belair, who got drafted to Raw, and Sasha Banks, which makes you wonder if Sasha is taking the title back to Smackdown at the event in Saudi Arabia.

If Seth Rollins goes to Raw, you’d almost think that his wife wouldn’t be far behind since they generally stick together on whichever show they are on, so watch for this one.

The Usos to Raw

If you didn’t see the end of Smackdown on Friday, you felt like the demise of Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman is happening.

The message was clear to The Usos. If they don’t get drafted to Smackdown to stay with their cousin, they are to “leave him for dead.”

Here’s how we’d book this:

Start off the show with The Usos getting drafted to Raw. Have a scenario where The Usos and Roman attack Big E and force a trade.

The Usos go to Smackdown, The New Day to Raw.

But with that, you’d also be setting up the Survivor Series main event between Roman Reigns and Big E.

Shinsuke Nakamura to Smackdown

Having Pat McAfee do the dancing on the table is what makes Nakamura’s entrance amazing and it would be awful if they look that away.

Nakamura has been a staple on the blue brand since his debut and moving him off Smackdown would be terrible.

Keep the current King and Intercontinental Champion on Smackdown with Rick Boogs. And Pat McAfee.

Kevin Owens to Raw

If there is a wrestler who looks so mentally checked out, it’s The KO Show.

He’s been in a storyline with Happy Corbin and now Madcap Moss for what seems like months now and it’s played out now.

Kevin Owens looks ready to bolt out of WWE once his contract is up in January and looks like he wants to join his buddies in AEW.

For the time being, maybe give him some decent storylines and stuff to make him interested in staying; a switch to a different show could to the trick.

Unless the WWE shares the same feelings and they’re ready to move on from Owens too.

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