WWE Draft 2021 Analysis and Breakdown: Raw improved tremendously taking Smackdown’s best talents

Written by Doug Rush

WWE Draft 2021 Analysis and Breakdown: Raw improved tremendously taking Smackdown’s best talents.

If there is one thing you should know about WWE; it is that Monday Night Raw will always be protected at all costs.

If you want that proof, look at the results of the 2021 WWE Draft that took place over the course of the last two shows, starting with Friday Night Smackdown and concluded at Monday Night Raw.

If you missed the shows, here are the new rosters that will go into place on Friday, October 22, which is the Smackdown after Crown Jewel.

First, that is a bit of a weird concept. The rosters don’t go into place for another three weeks. So why not have the draft in three weeks after the event in Saudi Arabia? Mind boggling, we know. But hey, that’s WWE for you.

Now, look at the rosters and see who got the better end of the draft.

Yep. Monday Night Raw did. By a mile.

Let’s take a look at each shows best hits and picks.

Monday Night Raw:

Seth Rollins

Having Seth Rollins back is huge. Great worker, great heel. He should be in the WWE Championship picture with Big E whenever his feud with Edge is done.

Finn Balor

Finn is another extraordinary talent who just got done being in the main event with Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules and should have won the Universal Championship. Having him back on the red brand is good.


You’d never think he is pushing 50 by how well he has done in his return to the ring since last year. In the ring, on the mic, Edge has been amazing and his feud with Seth Rollins has been tremendous.

Bianca Belair

She’s a main eventer for the women’s division and is a huge loss for Smackdown.

Becky Lynch

It’ll be curious to see if she drops the Smackdown Women’s Championship at Crown Jewel or if she switches belts with Charlotte Flair. But she was money on Raw before her pregnancy and now that she’s a heel, she’s even better than last year.

The Street Profits

They need to be back in the Raw Tag Team Title picture, as they are talented and gold on the mic.


Whether he is with Chad Gable or not doesn’t matter, as he is one of WWE’s next big men. He moves like Vader and wrestles like him. He is a future world champion.

Notice a theme with the picks? It’s a lot of what made Smackdown so good over the last few months. Vince McMahon will always want Raw protected and with the best talent possible. The draft just showed that.

On the flip side, let’s look at Smackdown’s best picks:

Friday Night Smackdown:

Charlotte Flair

She’s so good at being the hated queen. But she’s the champion for a reason. Although, will she keep the Raw Women’s Title after October 21?

Drew McIntyre

He needed to come here. He will main event here. Drew vs Roman Reigns is a main event program waiting to happen.

Jinder Mahal

On Raw, he was forgotten about and buried. On Smackdown, he can thrive in the Intercontinental Title and Universal Championship picture.


Same goes for Sheamus, who ran his course in the United States Title picture with Damian Priest. He can give Nakamura a fight for the belt.

Shayna Baszler

She should have been the Raw Women’s Champion last year, but she’s overdue to win the title. She did well as the Tag Team Champion with Nia Jax. But now she is on her own and deserves to be a champion.

The New Day

Sure, it would have been nice to see Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston with Bug E on Raw, but they are still a tremendous team who should challenge The USO’s for the tag titles.

Jeff Hardy

The future WWE Hall of Famer hinted at a character change on Monday when he goes to the blue brand, which will be good for him.

All in all, Raw will get a chance to give better shows, meanwhile Smackdown gets the chance to develop other talents before they are shipped off to Raw.

Isn’t that how it usually works?

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