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WWE Diva Sunny Starts “OnlyFans” Account, Proving the P.O.P. Phenomenon

Written by Mike Rickard II

WWE Hall of Famer Sunny (aka Tamara Sytch) has wasted no time since her release from Con College, launching an OnlyFans account to help pay the bills without the annoyance of physical labor. While some women and men may denounce her, I say more power to her as it shows her business acumen.

First things, first, I applaud women who have fought for equal wages for the same work. I’m not going to get into the specifics of wage discrimination except in today’s day and age, there’s no excuse for it. That being said, Sunny’s Only Fansaccount demonstrates the phenomenon known as “The Power of the Pussy” (aka P.O.P.).

The Power of the Pussy is About More than Money (although it’s a big part of it)

Most men are familiar with this phenomenon, as the sight of any woman (office hot or higher) often turns men into a quivering pool of penis-driven pathos. Factor in alcohol, drugs, or 2 days of celibacy and a man usually gets -10 on his saving throw against doing something stupid (it could be calling your ex at 2am in the morning or signing up for a OnlyFans account and thinking you’ve discovered your soulmate). It’s been happening since Adam had a bite from the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and it’s continued since.

Lunchables ain’t cheap kid.
The Power of the Pussy may be a confusing term for some so please read this entire article for a detailed explanation you can pass on to your kids.

Two years ago I made an amazing discovery when I learned that women have not only known about this super-power in their possession, but it’s common to all social classes and runs deep in society. I was having a post-coital cigarette with a female colleague in the men’s locker room when she told me an incredible story from her days as a nurse in the O.R.

Keep in mind this story dates back to the late 70’s so we’re talking a time when the women’s rights movement was looking at the Equal Rights Amendment as their last, best chance for peace (or was that Babylon 5?). Anyways, my paramour regaled me with a story where she was lamenting how men still controlled so much in society. Her fellow nurse replied to her, “Yes, but we have all the pussy.” This life-changing revelation drove home what I’ve always suspected, but never confirmed-that all women, regardless of whether or not they exercise it, are aware of the P.O.P.

If you’re office hot, expect considerable attention from male co-workers

Is it easy being a woman in a patriarchal society where female executives have to deal with male executives looking at their tits during meetings? Of course not. However, when it comes to things like OnlyFans, there’s no denying the power of the pussy. Skeptical? According to Ringside News, here are projections for Sunny’s potential OnlyFans earnings:

Sunny has an Only Fans account with various pricing options for different membership lengths. She doesn’t get the entire $29.99 monthly subscription price. Only Fans takes a 20% cut. She still has 798 fans. Some of them likely signed up with different subscription plans.

Even if every subscriber Sunny has signed up for the lowest subscription plan of $134.96 a year, her Only Fans is racking in $107,698 a year. If each of her subscribers is paying per month then she is making $287,184.24 a year. That being said, her yearly number should fall somewhere between those two figures minus 20%.

People have to remember that the Sunny fans are signing up to see isn’t the “Most Downloaded Woman on America Online” (although it’s somewhat ironic that both AOL and Sunny have seen much better days).

Sunny in her prime

No, unless Sunny has sold her soul to Mephisto, she’s likely about the same as we last saw her.

GILF Sunny

Kudos to Sunny if she’s pulling in the bank Ringside News is projecting. I’d get an OnlyFans account just to see how good she looks, but Pro Sports Extra will not authorize this expenditure since my last expense account turned up some so-called improprieties including $1200 for a massage from my last fact-finding mission to Las Vegas.

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