According to WWE, Drew McIntyre has tested positive for Covid-19 and has been placed in quarantine. 

With such a short statement, a lot was said here. let’s break it all down.

First off, best wishes to The Stud Drew McIntyre. My girlfriend has Covid-19 a few weeks ago and since I lived with her, I was also tested regularly. Luckily, I have been negative every time but still, I saw first hand how the side effects can hurt/harm/whatever. Tough to go through on different levels for everybody. As a pro wrestling fan and a BIG fan of Drew, let’s hope he is okay.

Second off, Fightful Select adds that this is just one name of many who recently tested positive across WWE, Impact, and AEW. No names were given but as noted many times, Fightful is legitimate. I trust their stories. Sucks to say but a lot of these guys/gals live in Florida and all hang around the same social circle. Regardless of the employer, they are all cool with each other and yeah…not good. Ouch. Throw in any potential new Year’s Eve parties, and it is a recipe for disaster. Again, hoping for the best.

Now for the least important parts of the story: WWE has usually NOT announced Covid-19 test results. I wonder if Drew is the person behind this, wanting to be open and honest about it with his fanbase. We will all obviously notice him being absent for a week or two, so it may be smart to just get ahead of the news now. Still weird WWE finally made an official announcement when they have kept things pretty quiet for most of 2020 regarding any positive test results.

As for the current WWE RAW story line with Drew? Well, his main event against Randy Orton tonight is obviously canceled. That is off. Plus, where does this leave him on the build to the Royal Rumble pay-per-view at the end of the month? Last week, Bill Goldberg seemed to challenge him to a WWE Championship bout. Remember folks, Drew McIntyre is the current WWE Champion! This will be interesting to see how the company dances around this news for the time being. Drew isn’t some bum or mid-card wrestler that can easily be replaced. Drew has been the centerpiece of the red brand for the past year. This is big.

All story line crap aside, here’s to a speedy recovery from Drew McIntyre. The dude is on a heck of a roll finally reaching his potential in 2020 to win the Royal Rumble match, main event WrestleMania and become the WWE Champion. All the best.

By Justin Watry (Twitter: @JustinWatry)


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