WWE Announces New WrestleMania Themed Cameo Deal – Who Is Available?

WWE has announced a new WrestleMania themed sponsorship with Cameo.

For those that don’t know, it is basically a video service where your favorites celebrities can record a personalized message to you. Whether it is for a birthday, a marriage proposal, an uplifting message or whatever, this is the newest thing to hit pop culture. People love it and as long as the price is right, I think it’s cool. My brother in law and sister had Mick Foley record a birthday message for me last year in June (my Youtube page has it up). Plus, I had Miss Kentucky play a joke on a buddy. Kinda cool like I said. You pick the words and message, and they deliver it in their own way.

For WWE, it is a bit more complicated due to an issue that popped up a few months ago. The company informed its superstars that they had to shut down their own Cameo pages. No more third party deals that were set up for their own personal monetary growth. It was a bit demanding but made sense because of deals like this. WWE was working on their OWN deal with Cameo and didn’t want to muddy the waters. Selfish and controlling, yes. Business wise sense, yes.

Anyways, here are a couple of the deals announced for Cameo:

Shane McMahon and Randy Orton top the list at $500 per video. Not sure why Shane gets top billing but hey, he is a McMahon, right? I suppose that is the logic.

The cheapest offer is Omos, Damian Priest, and Rhea Ripley at $150 per video. I understand Omos being the cheapest. I can even see the idea where Priest may not cost too much for fans. Rhea Ripley though? Dang. She got screwed here. I would have had her listed for much higher.

For those curious, Alexa Bliss is $400 a pop, as is Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, and AJ Styles.

Bobby Lashley, the current WWE Champion is only $200 yet his WrestleMania challenger THE STUD Drew McIntyre is listed at $250 – just weird.

There are much more listed below at the link provided. Either way, get ready for A LOT of WrestleMania related headlines during the next seven days. This is the biggest event of the year for professional wrestling fans and with live crowds returning in Tampa Bay for the two night spectacle, that makes it even bigger! Been a long year without fans out there in the stands. Definitely a long time coming, so this Mania will be very memorable. Until then, maybe try out a Cameo?

WWE has them listed as a first come, first serve basis limited to only 15 purchases, so they will fly fast! The Undertaker did a similar promotion back in November and yes, they sold out very quickly.

Get on this deal quickly!

WWE Superstars Doing Cameo Videos For WrestleMania – Who Is The Best Deal? – YouTube



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