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WWE 2K20 Gets First Look, Gameplay and Cover Reveal Coming Next Week

Written by Robert Workman

Considering that the game is probably going to come out sometime in October, you’d think that 2K Sports would have some sort of reveal for WWE 2K20 by now, right? Especially since WWE Summerslam is right around the corner. Well, ask and ye shall receive.

Today, 2K Sports confirmed that it will be revealing first details about the game in just a few days, on August 5. It revealed one of the first screenshots for the forthcoming sim, featuring current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar in all his digital glory. No word yet if he’ll repeat cover star duty like he did in WWE 2K17. More than likely, it looks like Becky Lynch, aka “The Man”, may get the nod, based on early odds.

The official WWE Games account confirmed the news earlier today, as you can see in the tweet below. It also revealed the additional screenshot above, featuring WWE Raw women’s champion Bayley, who will defend her championship against Ember Moon at Summerslam in just a few days’ time.

Along with news on who’ll be on the cover, 2K Sports will also reveal first gameplay footage. And on top of that, we’ll likely have information on new modes, as well as returning favorites.

Look for more information on the game in the days ahead!

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