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WrestleMania Week 2021 Schedule and Preview

Written by Jameus Mooney

As we enter the month of April, it’s the biggest season of the year for fans of professional wrestling as the WWE presents the thirty seventh annual WrestleMania, a two night affair, in Tampa as they welcome fans back for the first time in over a year. As is tradition, wrestling promotions around the world (in this year’s case, the country) are going all out in the area. It’s a melting pot of wrestling for fans to enjoy and for many workers the first big pay day in a good while due to the pandemic. Below, we’ve curated a detailed list of events that will be available either on television or some form of online streaming from Monday the fifth to Sunday the eleventh, including the announced card, where to watch and when to watch for every event. PSE will update to reflect any newly announced events or matches. As of the original publishing, there are 57 events that fans can follow throughout the seven day period. All times are listed in Eastern Standard Time.

Of the events listed, we include events emanating from Tampa but also weekly shows around the country that air regularly on different platforms that will be airing an episode during the week. Below is a cliff note version of the schedule, farther down will be a preview of each show.

April 5th:

7 PM: AEW Elevation on All Elite Wrestling’s YouTube channel.
8 PM: WWE’s Monday Night Raw on USA Network.
11 PM: RAW Talk on Peacock and The WWE Network.

April 6th:

6 PM: NWA Powerr on NWA’s YouTube channel.
7 PM: AEW Dark on All Elite Wrestling’s YouTube channel.
8 PM: New South Pro Wrestling’s: New South, Action Class Episode 30 on IWTV.
TBD: WWE Hall of Fame on Peacock and the WWE Network.

April 7th:

10 AM: The Bump on Peacock, Twitter, Facebook Live and the WWE Network.
7 PM: MLW Underground on Major League Wrestling’s YouTube channel.
7 PM: Limitless: The Road, Season 3, Episode 7 on IWTV.
8 PM: No Peace Underground: Fatalism on IWTV.
8 PM: NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver Night 1 on USA Network.
10 PM: Paradigm Pro Wrestling Contender’s Series Season 2, Episode 3 on IWTV.
No time slot: WWE Main Event on Hulu.

April 8th:

11 AM: Jimmy Lloyd’s D-Generation F on FITE.
12 PM: IWTV Family Reunion Part 1 on IWTV.
3 PM: IWTV Family Reunion Part 2 on IWTV.
3 PM: NXT UK: Prelude on Peacock and the WWE Network.
3 PM: The Acid Cup Day 1 on FITE.
6 PM: AIW Go For Broke on IWTV.
7 PM: The Life of a Very Good Professional Wrestler on IWTV.
8 PM: NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver Night 2 on Peacock and the WWE Network.
8 PM: Bloodsport on FITE.
8 PM: ICW No Holds Barred Then and Now on IWTV.
8 PM: Impact on AXS and Impact Wrestling’s Twitch channel.
11:59 PM: For The Culture on FITE.
11:59 PM: No Peace Underground MurderMania on IWTV.

April 9th:

10 AM: GCW Best in Class on Title Match Network.
11 AM: Allie Kat’s Real Hot Girl Shit on FITE.
12 PM: Have Fun, Be Sad on IWTV.
3 PM: Acid Cup Day 2 on FITE.
4 PM: Freelance Chicago’s Secret Stash on IWTV.
6 PM: H2O Subterranean Violence Vol. 9 on IWTV.
8 PM: WWE Friday Night SmackDown on FOX.
8 PM: GCW We Run This Town on Title Match Network.
8 PM: ICW Battle of the Tough Guys 1 on IWTV.
10 PM: WWE 205 Live on Peacock and the WWE Network.
10 PM: NJPW Strong on NJPW World.
11:59 PM: VxS Lucid Dream on FITE.
11:59 PM: Ladies Night Out on Title Match Network.
11:59 PM: ICW Battle of the Tough Guys 2 on IWTV.

April 10th:

4 AM: Championship Wrestling from Hollywood on KDOC (Los Angeles local, 1 AM LA time). *Airs on United Wrestling Network’s YouTube channel on Sunday April 11th.
5 AM: Road to Wrestling Dontaku on NJPW World.
10 AM: Talking Smack on Peacock and the WWE Network.
11 AM: Effy’s Big Gay Brunch on FITE.
12 PM: Tony Deppen’s Bier Haus on IWTV.
12 PM: Championship Wrestling from Memphis on CW30 (Memphis local), premiering on Championship Wrestling from Memphis’ YouTube channel.
3 PM: Alex Colon’s Planet Death on FITE.
4 PM: Beyond Wrestling’s Time Capsule on IWTV.
5 PM: WrestleMania 37 Kickoff Show on Peacock and the WWE Network.
7 PM: WrestleMania 37 Night One on Peacock and the WWE Network.
7 PM: Unsanctioned Pro: Fueled by Spite on FITE.
8 PM: ICW Farewell to the Pawn Shop on IWTV.
11:59 PM: No Peace Underground Shallow Graves.

April 11th:

3 AM: Championship Wrestling from Arizona on AZTV (Arizona local, 12 AM local time). Airs on United Wrestling Network’s YouTube channel on April 12th.
5 PM: WrestleMania 37 Night 2 Kickoff.
7 PM: WrestleMania 37 Night 2.

NOTE: The WrestleMania Kickoff shows are a rough estimate and no exact time has been given. PSE will update accordingly should it begin earlier or later. Everything listed as “Peacock and the WWE Network” is Peacock exclusive in the United States and available via the WWE Network everywhere internationally.

WrestleMania Preview:

Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair will competed on Night 1 for the SmackDown Women’s’ Championship.

Hosted by WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan as well as Tampa’s favorite son Titus O’Neil, the biggest event of the year returns on April 10th, welcoming back an audience for the first time since before WrestleMania last year. On Night 1, the main event will be Drew McIntyre trying to win his third WWE Championship, but first in front of a capacity crowd by dethroning “the Almighty” Bobby Lashley. With the two performers careers being parallel, both having moderately successful pushes early in their careers before being released and coming back to become champion, this WrestleMania championship main event would’ve been surprising just a few years ago, but nobody deserves the spot more than these two after carrying the company through the performance center era of the pandemic. We will also finally get a payoff to the involvement of Bad Bunny, the number one streamed artist of 2020, and his involvement in the WWE as he takes on the Miz, although the match could turn into a tag team match featuring former NXT North American Champion Damian Priest and former ECW Champion John Morrison. The two top of the card matches from SmackDown announced so far include the Women’s Championship as Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks look to make history and provide a moment for women everywhere to remember for a long time. Is this the EST’s moment or will it remain “Boss Time?” The other marquee match from SmackDown announced features former WWE Champion Seth Rollins as he takes on Cesaro, a match that should “swing” back and forth between two of this generation’s top in ring performers. Will AJ Styles become a grand slam champion?

Night 1 card (announced):
MAIN EVENT: Bobby Lashley (c) vs Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship.
Sasha Banks (c) vs Bianca Belair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.
The New Day (c) vs Omos and AJ Styles for the RAW Tag Team Championships.
Braun Strowman vs Shane McMahon in a Steel Cage match.
The Miz vs Bad Bunny.
Seth Rollins vs Cesaro.

A Triple Threat match between Edge, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan for the Universal Championship will close Night 2.

Night 2 looks to be the biggest night, however, as the WWE has loaded the card. In a main event that looked as though it’d never happen, Daniel Bryan has wiggled his way into Edge’s feel-good comeback story with a feel-good story most of the audience would prefer, ultimately turning Edge heel in the process. It wasn’t too long ago that Becky Lynch was on the Cutting Edge making fun of his neck, which at the time had ended his career, all the while Daniel Bryan had just returned from early retirement that stemmed from head problems and not too long after that Roman Reigns announced that he was battling leukemia. These are three of the most accomplished superstars in WWE history, all of whom have battled through tremendous adversity to be here. This is the definition of a WrestleMania “main event.” RAW’s biggest match on the marquee will pit RAW Women’s Champion Asuka against former NXT UK and NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley as the Empress stands toe to toe with her brutality. A dream match, WWE had to scuffle for the Women’s Championship picture with two of the women’s superstars on maternity leave and its other top star contracting COVID extremely close to WrestleMania. Yet, it’s ultimately the match that interests fans the most from the division as Rhea officially has her first match as a RAW superstar. Rumors are swirling that there will also be celebrity involvement in Night 2, as YouTube sensation Logan Paul has been so moved by Sami Zayn’s documentary storyline, he’s joining the fray at the last minute.

Night 2 card (announced):
MAIN EVENT: Roman Reigns (c) vs Daniel Bryan vs Edge for the Universal Championship.
Asuka (c) vs Rhea Ripley for the RAW Women’s Championship.
Big E (c) vs Apollo Crews for the Intercontinental Championship.
Matt Riddle (c) vs Sheamus for the United States Championship.
Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens.
The Fiend vs Randy Orton.

Both nights of WrestleMania will feature their own unique Kickoff show on Peacock and the WWE Network before the event. In years past, it’s been a two-hour affair with panelists that range from WWE Hall of Famers Bradshaw, Shawn Michaels and Lita, legends such as Christian (who will most certainly not be featured now that he works for AEW) and podcast hosts such as Cheap Heat’s Peter Rosenberg who break down the product and build to the show. The show will also feature matches, including championship matches in years past (Mustafa Ali vs Cedric Alexander at WrestleMania 34, Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 33, etc.). Competitors such as Bianca Belair hope that Sean Bunting and most of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren’t the only athletes to win their first championship at Raymond James Stadium in 2021.

WWE Hall of Fame Preview:

Davey Boy Smith will finally enter the WWE Hall of Fame.

Due to the pandemic, there will be two classes enshrined this year: 2020 and 2021. 2020’s headliner, Dave Bautista, has been removed from the event due to prior commitments and will be inducted at a later date. The event will air exclusively on Peacock in the United States, but on the WWE Network internationally. It’s a loaded day for the Hall of Fame, however, and the inductees are as followed.

Class of 2020:
Davey Boy Smith: After years of fans campaigning across the internet to include Davey Boy, Smith will finally get his due. Davey got his start in England’s World of Sport and Canada’s Stampede Wrestling prior to entering the then-WWF in 1985 with his partner Tom Billington (The Dynamite Kid), where he formed the British Bulldogs and would become WWF Tag Team Champions, an accolade he’d also reach with brother-in-law Owen Hart. Davey’s shining match was with another brother-in-law, Bret, at Summerslam 1992 in Wembley Stadium where he’d become Intercontinental Champion. The two had a rematch at In Your House V three years later in another classic. Davey would become the first European Champion in 1997 by defeating Owen. He won the belt twice, having defeated D’Lo Brown for the gold in 1999. Davey had two Hardcore Championship, coming against fellow Hall of Famer The Big Boss Man and Crash Holly. Smith’s son, Harry, has competed around the world and is also a former WWE Tag Team Champion.

The nWo: Even if Hulk Hogan botched the team name on its very first night by calling it the “New World Organization,” the New World Order is one of the most iconic groups in the history of professional wrestling. Despite its large member base, only four members will go in: Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Syxx and Scott Hall. All four have already been elected into the Hall of Fame for their contributions elsewhere in the industry, but they became synonymous with each other as Hogan and the three Kliq members built a juggernaut that helped WCW have a decided advantage for a majority of the Monday Night Wars.

Jyushin Thunder Liger: Every once in awhile, the WWE inducts an international sensation whose impact on the industry as a whole is storied such as Antonio Inoki and Tatsumi Fujinami. This year it will be Jyushin Liger, whose USA success came primarily in WCW as he put on clinics with Brian Pillman. Liger’s main impact though comes from his work overseas in Japan winning a record 11 IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championships. Liger’s only WWE match came at NXT Takeover Brooklyn, a victory over Tyler Breeze in 2015.

Bradshaw celebrates his first tag team championship victory.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Between Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw and the New Blackjacks, Bradshaw’s early career isn’t much to talk about. Yet, when he joins the Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness and is aligned with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Farooq, it’s smooth sailing. Bradshaw and Ron Simmons would become one of the most successful character duos in WWE history, as they created the Acolyte Protection Agency, giving protection to superstars such as Crash Holly in exchange for money. When they weren’t, they had their office with their own door and no walls, where they’d sit around the table, play blackjack and drink beer. Brashaw’s first taste of singles glory was in 2001 when he defeated the Hurricane for the European Champion. He lost the championship eight days later and it wasn’t until 2002 that the team split for the first time in the original brand split. During his time on RAW, Bradshaw would win an astonishing 18 Hardcore Championships, even renaming it to the “Texas Hardcore Championship.” In 2004, the APA split for good and Bradshaw went on a tear across SmackDown. With his success as a financial analyst on Wallstreet outside of the ring, he embarked on the John Bradshaw Layfield persona, a very politically conservative character that moved from Texas to New York to become a Wallstreet success story. He defeated Eddie Guerrero for the WWE Championship and became the longest reigning champion in over ten years before losing the championship to John Cena at WrestleMania 21. The next year at WrestleMania 22 he defeated Chris Benoit for the US Championship, a belt he lost to current WWE Champion Bobby Lashley. JBL retired from the ring and became a successful commentator before returning to the ring and becoming Intercontinental Champion. Since his final retirement in 2009, JBL has been in a variety of roles for the WWE.

William Shatner: In January of 1995, Bret Hart wrestled his first televised match since his submission match at the 1994 Survivor Series where Owen Hart convinced his mom to throw the towel, forcing Bret to surrender the WWF Championship to Bob Backlund. The appearance from Bill Shatner was set up the previous week after he was on “King’s Court” with Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler. Shatner inducted Lawler into the Hall of Fame himself in 2007, appeared on WWE television again in 2010 and appeared on FOX’s “WWE Backstage” in 2019 with Christian and NXT’s Ember Moon. The actor joins celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Bob Uecker, William Perry and Mr. T in the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame.

The Bella Twins: Ranking #26 on the recent WWE list of the fifty greatest women, the Bella Twins are collectively the most polarizing act in WWE history. With a lot of their early work not being very crisp, they drew the ire of the fanbase for being the poster models for the quintessential “diva” while also breaking into the mainstream as reality television stars. Yet, both massively improved over the years and were two very fine workers toward the end of their run. From an accomplishment standpoint, it’s hard to knock either as both Brie and Nikki were Divas Champions, with the latter being the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE history.

Rob Van Dam will be inducted into the 2021 Class of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Class of 2021:

Rob Van Dam: One of his legs went to Harvard, the other went to Yale but the proverbial “educated feet” have landed this one of a kind superstar into the WWE Hall of Fame. The only superstar to hold the WWE and ECW Championships simultaneously, Van Dam’s legendary bouts with superstars such as Jerry Lynn and Jeff Hardy left us in awe and inspired a generation of professional wrestlers. Perhaps, the most flexible superstar in WWE history, Van Dam first made a major impact in ECW as the longest reigning ECW Television Champion of all-time. Not including a one-off night on RAW in 1997, Van Dam didn’t get to the WWE until 2002, where he instantly showed his popularity usurping Steve Austin during the Invasion angle. He won tag gold with Rey Mysterio, Hall of Famer Booker T and another 2021 inductee, Kane, and his list of solo achievements included six Intercontinental Championship reigns, four Hardcore Championship reigns and a European Championship reign prior to his 2006 Money in the Bank win at WrestleMania 22. Setting up an ECW revival, Van Dam cashed in and defeated John Cena for the WWE Championship at ECW One Night Stand 2006 and was also crowned ECW Heavyweight Champion. Following an arrest with former ECW Tag Team Championship partner Sabu, Van Dam was suspended. He was released in 2007. Excluding a 2009 Royal Rumble surprise, Van Dam didn’t return to WWE television until 2013. He challenged Dean Ambrose for the United States Championship a few times, unsuccessfully before leaving the WWE for good.

Kane: The linked piece is my most recent, an in depth dive into the mythology and lore of the Kane persona. It is arguably the greatest character in WWE history and portrayed by arguably the most athletic big man in WWE history. Despite not having a true “run” with the main championship, Kane is one of the most accomplished and beloved superstars in WWE history. A former WWE, World Heavyweight and ECW Champion, Kane also saw moderate success up and down the card, as he won tag championships with the aforementioned Van Dam, The Big Show, The Undertaker, Mankind, The Hurricane and Daniel Bryan. Kane also won the Intercontinental Championship twice, the Hardcore Championship and most recently the 24/7 Championship.

Molly Holly celebrates a women’s championship victory.

Molly Holly: Debuting alongside Crash and Hardcore Holly, Molly would quickly make a name of her own as being one of the first truly skilled bell-to-bell female performers to grace WWE television. One of the industry’s biggest sweetheart’s behind the scenes, Molly was a fierce heel on the screen…when she wasn’t masquerading as the Hurricane’s sidekick “Mighty” Molly. Molly cared about the women’s evolution so much that she offered to shave her head just to get her and Victoria on the WrestleMania XX card in Madison Square Garden. Molly was a two-time Women’s Champion and a Hardcore Champion.

The Great Khali: Khali isn’t the most exhilarating selection in the world, but he’s certainly a bigger name than a superstar such as Ivan Putski, who’s already been enshrined. Khali was in the WWE for seven years and featured in main event programs with Triple H, The Undertaker, Batista and John Cena. Khali won the World Heavyweight Championship in 2007 and is a major superstar in the country of India.

Ozzy Osbourne: Though it isn’t announced, it’s noted that the Prince of Darkness recorded a WWE Hall of Fame acceptance speech. The Black Sabbath frontman appeared multiple times on WWE, including WrestleMania 2 where he accompanied the British Bulldogs to ringside (including 2020 inductee Davey Boy Smith), an episode of SmackDown to perform “I Don’t Wanna Stop” as well as a Raw guest host appearance.

Eric Bischoff: The Hall of Fame has a knack for making things better as Bischoff most certainly stepped on whoever during his career. One of the most overdue selections, Bischoff began his career as an announcer in Verne Gagne’s AWA as well as the WWF before becoming an executive for WCW. With Bischoff as its main decisionmaker, WCW turned its ship around and put a product that beat the WWF in ratings in 83 straight weeks at pro wrestling’s peak popularity. Bischoff came to WWE in 2002 and was the General Manager of RAW until 2005. He’s worked behind the scenes in WWE multiple times since.

Reported Warrior Award recipient: Titus O’Neil.

Every year the WWE gives somebody a Warrior Award for their impact on society and with the Hall of Fame in Tampa, they’re giving it to an active superstar if reports are to be believed, as Sean Sapp of Fightful reports that Titus is set to receive the honor. Titus is a former WWE Tag Team Champion but is more well known as a hero in Tampa for his work across the city. Titus has been an ambassador for the company to provide a more inclusive society, whether it be in racial relations or rights for LGBTQ. He’s very big in the city for his work with underprivileged and disabled children. Titus will also be hosting WrestleMania.

NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver Preview:

WALTER defends the United Kingdom Championship against Tommaso Ciampa.

It’s been a long time since Tommaso Ciampa held “Goldy” and he finally hopes to strike gold again as he goes up against WALTER. WALTER is one of the most dominant forces NXT has ever seen, having held the championship over 720 days and defeating superstars such as Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Ilja Dragunov, Joe Coffey and others. The match is a little bit telegraphed as he’s defending it on USA Network live Wednesday, but already has a taped championship defense against Rampage Brown for Thursday’s NXT UK: Prelude. Yet, with how much of a throwback to the territory days both of these superstars are, it should be an old school slugfest that will absolutely stand and deliver. Two championships will be up for grabs, as three teams that covet the NXT Tag Team Championships battle in triple threat match after Danny Burch’s injury led to Team 1 2 vacating the gold. In another match, Raquel Gonzalez goes for Io Shirai’s gold, having already pinned Shirai at a Takeover inside of War Games. Night 1 airs exclusively on the USA Network and will be added to the WWE Network and Peacock the next day, as NXT episodes usually do.

Night 1 card (announced):

MAIN EVENTt: WALTER (c) vs Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT United Kingdom Championship.
Io Shirai (c) vs Raquel Gonzalez for the NXT Women’s Championship.
KUSHIDA vs Pete Dunne
Leon Ruff vs Isaiah Scott vs Bronson Reed vs Cameron Grimes vs Dexter Lumis vs LA Knight in a Six Man Gauntlet Eliminator Match to determine the Number 1 Contender to the NXT North American Championship on Night 2.
Grizzled Young Veterans vs Llegado Del Fantasma vs MSK for the vacant NXT Tag Team Championships.

Santos Escobar and Jordan Devlin will go toe to toe to determine who is the true Cruiserweight Champion.

Night 2, unlike Night 1, will premiere exclusively on the WWE Network or Peacock. Karrion Kross goes for the championship that he never lost and had to relinquish due to injury. Yet, it’s the Prince Finn Balor who’s been on a career resurgence, holding the championship for over 200 days in his second reign as champion. Title implications take place up and down the card, as Jordan Devlin became NXT Cruiserweight Champion at last years World’s Collide event before the pandemic halting travel and the UK went on lockdown, preventing Devlin to come to the States. In the interim, Santos Escobar has dominated the division with championship defenses against talents such as Isaiah Scott, Jake Atlas, Gran Metalik and Curt Stallion. On NXT UK, Devlin has defended against Nelson Frazier, Trent Seven and Amir Jordan. With Devlin now stateside, NXT will determine who the real champion is. The most personal matchup in NXT though is the unsanctioned match between former Undisputed brethren Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole following Cole’s heinous attacks on O’Reilly as O’Reilly has started to forge his own singles path.

Night 2 card (announced):

MAIN EVENT: Finn Balor (c) vs Karrion Kross for the NXT Championship.
Jordan Devlin (c) vs Santos Escobar (c) in a ladder match for the Undisputed Cruiserweight Championship.
Kyle O’Reilly vs Adam Cole in an Unsanctioned Match.
Johnny Gargano (c) vs the winner of the Night 1 Gauntlet Eliminator Match for the NXT North American Championship.

NXT UK Prelude Preview:

On the Thursday before WrestleMania, NXT UK is running their show on Peacock and the WWE Network as usual, but with a special twist: it will be a special episode. The main event features NXT UK Champion WALTER as he defends against newcomer Rampage Brown, a match that has been featured in three different chapters of PROGRESS and has been a banger each time. The current storylines in NXT UK right now include the Heritage Cup picture, as the cup is held by A-Kid, a women’s program between Xia Brookside and Nina Samuels where Nina just finished being Brookside’s personal assistant for a month and multiple women gun after Kay Lee Ray’s Women’s Championship, primarily the re-packaged Isla Dawn, who in kayfabe has returned to her pagan roots. The fascinating thing about this program will be whether or not the card changes at the very last minute to reflect the results of NXT Takeover Stand and Deliver, should Tommaso Ciampa pull off an upset. With the program already taped but no live audience, WWE could keep a potential card change under wraps.

NXT UK Prelude card (announced):

MAIN EVENT: WALTER (c) vs Rampage Brown for the United Kingdom Championship.
Noam Dar vs Tyler Bate in a Heritage Cup Rules match to determine the Number 1 Contender to the Heritage Cup.

GCW Collective Events on FITE:

Pictured; Team Bussy. Both Allie Kat and Effy will promote their own GCW Collective events.

The biggest Independent promotion in the world is GameChanger Wrestling as Brett Lauderdale and Joey Janela have used it to help replenish the Independent Scene following the emergence of AEW and its lack of the Elite (AEW World Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega, Adam Page, Cody Rhodes, AEW Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks and non-AEW superstar, but blackballed from the Independents following the Speaking Out movement Marty Scurll). They were pivotal in the career revitalization of wrestling legend Carl Oullet, Lio Rush, and the company that put eyes on talents such as current WWE US Champion Matt Riddle, Orange Cassidy, Rickey Page, WARHORSE, Private Party, Chris Dickinson, among others. Every year, their independent shows such as Bloodsport and Spring Break are the hottest non-WWE tickets in town. This year talents such as Effy, Jimmy Lloyd, Allie Kat join Josh Barnett is promoting their own event. Shows such as Allie Kat’s Real Hot Girl Shit and For The Culture put the focus on women and wrestlers of color, respectively, to make wrestling more inclusive.

Jimmy Lloyd’s D-Generation F Preview:

Independent wrestler Jimmy Lloyd is one of the top death match wrestlers in the world. Yet, Lloyd has garnered eyes for being able to do more than deathmatch wrestling, even if it’s his bread and butter. Think of a pre-WWE Jon Moxley jack of all trades. His first D-Generation F event was on October 9th of last year, which put focus on some of the best talent that the US scene has to offer. Performers from that card such as Top Flight and Blake Christian have since been signed by AEW and WWE, respectively.

MAIN EVENT: Jimmy Lloyd vs Starboy Charlie.
Daniel Garcia vs Nolan Edward.
1 Called Manders vs Juicy Finau.
Everrett Connors vs Jordan Oliver.
Dante Leon vs Myron Reed.
Rok C vs Billie Starks vs Skye Blue.
Tre Lamar vs Atticus Cogar.
Other talent announced to compete: American Battle, Hijo de Canis Lupis, Ninja Mack, Gino Medina.

Acid Cup 3 Preview:

It’s the third annual Acid Cup, a two-day tournament on FITE in honor of deceased Independent star Trent Acid. The Philly sensation passed away at 29 due to a drug overdose in 2010. Acid was one of the major draws in the early days of CZW and a former ROH Tag Team Champion with partner Johnny Kashmere. It was last year’s second annual Acid Cup, a no-crowd event, that featured the Jimmy Lloyd and Joey Janela Social Distancing match and was the tournament that kickstarted a year where Chris Dickinson would become the face of Independent Wrestling as he’s been one of the most consistent acts in the industry and is now heavily featured on both NJPW and ROH television, while having numerous matches just over the course of WrestleMania weekend. Dickinson would the second annual acid cup defeating Blake Christian, Allie Kat, Shane Mercer and Sanchez to win the cup. The first Acid Cup was won by Joey Janela in 2016. Some of the Indies top breakout stars in recent months such as Tony Deppen, Arez and AJ Gray will compete for this year’s Acid Cup. Also competing in the tournament is AAA’s Laredo Kid, a recent standout in AEW who teamed with the Lucha Bros to take on Brandon Cutler and the Young Bucks. All Day 1 matches are first rounders, but the Day 2 card has yet to have anything announced. It’s presumably going to be the rest of the tournament.

Day 1 card:
KTB vs Dragon Bane.
Tony Deppen vs Cole Radrick.
AJ Gray vs Nate Webb.
Arez vs Aramis.
Edith Surreal vs Jordan Oliver.
Laredo Kid vs Brayden Lee.
Ken Broadway vs Calvin Tankman.
Lee Moriarty vs Treehouse Lee.

Day 2 will feature the rest of the tournament with the same start time on Friday.

Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 6 Preview:

Perhaps the biggest Independent event of the weekend, former AEW and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley will go face to face with former UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett in a match that was supposed to happen on two separate occasions already. The first time it was cancelled due to an injury sustained by Moxley before the event and the second cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Alas, the two will finally meet in a ring with no ropes. The Bloodsport event is unique in that it’s basically an underground Fight Club, only unlike an Edward Norton movie, we can speak about this one. There will be no ring ropes and the style of match is heavily MMA and catch-wrestling influenced. Matches can only end via submission or TKO. This will be Moxley’s third Bloodsport, having defeated Chris Dickinson and Davey Boy Smith Jr. at Bloodsport’s III and V. The show will also feature former NWA Women’s Champion Allysin Kay, former WWE Cruiserweight Champions Lio Rush and Chavo Guerrero Jr., former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Rocky Romero and former NXT Tag Team Champion Simon Grimm (formerly known as Simon Gotch).

Card (announced):
MAIN EVENT: Jon Moxley vs Josh Barnett.
Victor Benjamin vs Bad Dude Tito.
Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Rocky Romero.
Chris Dickinson vs Shane Mercer.
KTB vs Davey Boy Smith Jr.
KZT vs Janai Kai.
SHLAK vs Superbeast.
Simon Grimm vs Alex James.
Heddi Karaoui vs Matt Makowski.
Lio Rush vs Yoya.
Allysin Kay vs Masha Slamovich.
Royce Isaacs vs Alex Couglin.

For The Culture Preview:

The brain child of AJ Gray, For The Culture is yet another tremendous event to show that wrestling is for everybody. The first annual FTC was supposed to take place this time last year, but COVID-19 put a wrench in it until October, when the event meant so much more due to the Black Lives Matter movement becoming even bigger during the pandemic in the wake of George Floyd. The first event featured many major talents such as AEW’s Top Flight, Impact’s Trey Miguel and former ECW and WWF superstar 2 Cold Scorpio. Scorpio will headline the second event, as he faces current Impact World Champion Rich Swann just weeks before Swann’s defense against Kenny Omega. About a year ago, I broke down the treatment of African American wrestlers historically in detail, which provides some context as to why events normalizing appreciating talents of color is important. You can read the piece here. This show will feature some top black talents, such as former WWE superstar JTG and current IWTV Champion Lee Moriarty, as well as some fantastic talents that are under the radar. Regardless, the show promises to be absolutely wild.

MAIN EVENT: 2 Cold Scorpio vs Rich Swann.
Lio Rush vs Lee Moriarty.
Tre Lamar vs Eli Knight.
AJ Gray vs JTG.
Ken Broadway vs Andy Brown vs vs Calvin Tankman vs Myron Reed.
Fire N Flava vs Thick n Juicy.
Darius Lockhart vs Bryan Keith.

Allie Kat’s Real Hot Girl Shit Preview:

Kicking off Friday for the GCW Collective is another show all about inclusiveness and it’s promoted by Indy sensation Allie Kat, who alongside ROH’s Danhausen, WARHORSE, Dan The Dad, RJ City and Effy, has completed brought back character wrestling to the Independent Scene. The ferocious feline has put together a card of some of the top women to promote the women of the independent circuit. The most recent RHGS event was in January of this year at GCW Fight Forever but this one looks even more stacked, as it includes some of the top names on the independent circuit such as Allysin Kay (who has competed on pay-per-view for AEW), Erica Leigh, Holidead and Faye Jackson.


MAIN EVENT: Allie Kat vs Billie Starkz.
Holidead vs Dark Sheik.
Faye Jackson’s Grey Sweatpants Battle Royal: Rickey Shane Page vs Devon Monroe vs KC Navarro vs JTG vs PB Smooth vs Eal O’Neal vs Mysterious Q vs Lee Moriarty vs Hoodfoot vs Daniel Garcia.
Trish Adora vs Tasha Steelz.
Edith Surreal vs Lady Frost.
Davienne vs Erica Leigh.
Allyson Kay vs Jordynne Grace.
Willow Nightengale vs Brooke Valentine.

rSpRING BREAK Preview:

This is the first Spring Break event to not be promoted specifically by AEW’s Joey Janela, although he is on the card in a marquee match against wrestling’s “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson in a match that’s for sure going to be a banger. For those expecting a traditional wrestling show, this probably won’t be your cup of tea because the shows annually tend to intentionally be the stereotypical Independent show that ignores the rules of a traditional wrestling match, while also being a bit campy and with a focus on the comedic part of pro wrestling. It’s highlighted by GCW World Champion Rick Page, who will defend against four time CZW World Champion Nick Gage.


MAIN EVENT: Rickey Shane Page (c) vs Nick Gage for the GCW World Championship.
Chris Dickinson vs Joey Janela.
Jordan Oliver vs Lio Rush.
Dragon Bane, Aramis and Laredo Kid vs Gringo Loco, Arez and Black Taurus.
Billie Starkz vs Starboy Charlie.
Atticus Cogar vs MASADA.
Scheduled to appear: Virgil.

VxS Lucid Dream Preview:

Headlined by two of the best big men in wrestling, VxS Lucid Dream looks to be an insane show at the Cuban Club in Ybor at Midnight on Friday. VxS is hyping a major card and a match pitting AEW’s Brian Cage and NJPWs Chris Dickinson is only the beginning as they will soon unveil a “major television star” set to appear. 2 Cold Scorpio is set to compete, as is JTG and another main match is between Lio Rush and Low Ki, a dream match for many fans of the highflying style.

Card (announced):
MAIN EVENT: Low Ki vs Lio Rush.
Chris Dickinson vs Brian Cage.
AJ Gray vs Daniel Garcia in a Pure Rules match.
Eli Everfly vs 2 Cold Scorpio in a Lucha Rules match.
JTG vs Dr. Cube in a No Disqualification match.
Jimmy Lloyd vs Jordan Oliver.
Others announced to compete: Dante Leon, Tony Deppen, Ken Broadway, Myron Reed and a mystery “television star.”

Effy’s Big Gay Brunch Preview:

Another event showing how inclusive wrestling has become is that of Effy’s Big Gay Brunch, as Effy has been one of the biggest names in wrestling and is a member of the LGBTQ community. Gone are the days of Don Muraco being portrayed as the bad guy for standing up for gay rights and Adrian Adonis, as we’ve come a long way in just the last few years. Talents around the world such as WWE’s Sonya Deville and AEW’s Nyla Rose have been a big influence in the LGBTQ community as the community seeks more representation within different forms of media. I’m not entirely sure if Effy’s show is only workers in the LGBTQ community like FTC is just black workers of color or talents who stand in solidarity to get more eyes on an important topic. Previous editions of the Big Gay Brunch did feature only LGBTQ talents, however. The show will be hosted by Pollo Del Mar.


MAIN EVENT: Effy vs Ace Perry in a Soul on a Pole match.
AJ Gray vs Billy Dixon in a Pup Collar match.
Parrow’s Twink Hunter Tag Gauntlet.
AC Mack vs Dark Sheik.
MV Young vs JD Drake.
Edith Surreal vs Devon Monroe.

Alex Colon’s Planet Death Preview:

A winner of GCW’s Tournament of Survival, Alex Colon is their top deathmatch wrestler and one of the top deathmatch workers in the world. He’s curated a card of some of his favorite performers. The show will be hosted by Markus Crane.


Matthew Justice vs Mad Man Pondo.
MASADA vs Eric Ryan.
SHLAK vs Nolan Edward.
Akira vs AJ Gray.
Brandon Kirk and G-Raver vs Gory and Jimmy Lloyd.
Also scheduled to compete: Oron Viedt.

Unsanctioned Pro Wrestling Fueled by Spite Preview:

One of the few promotions to travel to Florida for this weekend, Fueled by Spite is an event promoted by Unsanctioned Pro and sponsored by GCW as part of the Collective. Unsanctioned Pro markets themselves as a do-it-yourself Independent promotion based out of Ohio. Fans can donate during this show to help the wrestlers, most of whom will likely lose money on this trip as a way to fill out their portfolio, advertises Unsanctioned Pro. Between the low pay for this event, combined with lodging, travel and food, it may be difficult for smaller promotions and wrestlers who haven’t quite made a name for themselves yet to make bank. That being said, the card looks pretty stacked of well known talent who have matches throughout the weekend.

MAIN EVENT: Everett Cross (c) vs Andrew Williams for the Unsanctioned Pro Heavyweight Championship.
PB Smooth vs Lorde Krewe.
Casanova Valentine vs Hoodfoot.
Jake Something vs Cole Radrick.
Lexus Montez vs Jordan Oliver.
Billie Starkz vs Robert Martyr vs Freddie Hudson vs Chris Copeland vs Sage Phillips vs Jack Andrews vs Rob Killjoy in a ScrambleMania Scramble Match.
Myron Reed vs Tre Lamar.
Also scheduled to compete: Connor Claxton.

No Peace Underground Shallow Graves Preview:

The final event of the Collective is brought to you by No Peace Underground, who will be running their third show of the week. No Peace Underground is actually Florida based, with their shows usually emanating from the Soundbar in Orlando. It’s a unique promotion that I can only describe as Bloodsport meets CZW. The show will include some of the world’s top deathmatch wrestlers such as G-Raver, Alex Colon and Jimmy Lloyd, as well as Impact’s Su Young and former WWE Tag Team Champion Erick Redbeard.

Connor Claxton vs Mance Warner.
Bam Sullivan vs Bobby Beverly.
Su Yung vs G-Raver.
Alex Colon vs MASADA.
Also competing: Erick Redbeard, JJ Garrett, The End, Cole Radrick, Jimmy Lloyd, Karam and Rojit Rahu.

Showcase of the Independents and Events on IWTV:

IWTV is advertising the “Showcase of the Independents” from Thursday to Saturday for free if you’re already an IWTV subscriber. Yet, if you’re a subscriber, you’d already know that there are weekly shows that air throughout the week for IWTV. To keep it simple, we will keep previews for all shows that are IWTV based in the same section.

New South, Action Class Episode 30 Preview:

In an upcoming IWTV taping, Allie Kat will take on AEW’s Kenzie Page and Effy teams up with Joey Janela and Suge D. Yet, it’s unknown if this is for a steam during WrestleMania week. What we do know is that there’s an upcoming taping of New South, Action Class. It’s noted that Saturday, April 3rd they will tape Kenzie Page vs Suge D, which could very well end up being apart of episode 30. One constant you’ll find in previews for weekly shows is that we likely won’t know the full card (or any of the card) until the night of or week before. Effy vs Donnie Janela is set for the same taping.

Limitless The Road Season 3, Episode 7 Preview:

Limitless Wrestling runs their shows in seasons. Season 3, which began February 24th, airs on IWTV every Wednesday at 7 PM for a sixteen episode season. With talents such as Ava Everrett, Masha Slamovich and Delmi Exo, you’re guaranteed a solid hour of action every week.

No Peace Underground Fatalism Preview:

The first of three No Peace Underground programs come from their home venue of the Orlando sound bar on Wednesday the seventh. As mentioned earlier, this is Bloodsport meets the tradition of CZW for its own unique spin on the deathmatch.

MAIN EVENTt: Eric Ryan (c) vs Nolan Edward for the No Peace Underground Championship.
The Hallowed vs G-Raver and Bam Sullivan.
John Murdoch vs Matthew Justice.

Paradigm Pro Wrestling Contender’s Series Season 2, Episode 3 Preview:

One of the cooler presentations in wrestling, Paradigm Pro Wrestling has started their third season of the Contenders series in recent months. Based out of Indiana, it is one hour of shoot wrestling every Wednesday. The rules of the show follow UWF International rules, a shoot style promotion based out of Japan in the 1990s that including Vader, Pez Whatley, The Iron Sheik and other major stars. The rules are as followed:
-Participants start with 15 points each.
-Points are lost for breaking holds by grabbing your opponents hands or feet, small joint manipulation or being disadvantaged in a hold.
-If a participant willingly leaves the ring, they are disqualified.
-The only way to win is by submission, TKO or reducing your opponents point total to zero.

In the first episode, Matt Justice defeated Dom Garrini in the main event while Mo Atlas, who is the reigning Paradigm Pro Heavy Hitters Champion, Derek Neal, Isaiah Broner, Jordan Blade and Robert Martyr earned major victories early in the season. On this week’s second episode, Lorde Krewe takes on “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, Yoya takes on Cole Radrick, Kerry Awful goes head to head with Aaron Williams, Freddie Hudson takes on Alex Kane and Nick King squares off with Ron Mathis. The way this will set up the third episode remains to be seen.

IWTV Family Reunion Preview:

Family Reunion is a two-day event that highlights the top star from different independent federations and places them in matches against each other for a supercard of the Indies to air across IWTV. It’s a two event affair, both on Thursday, back-to-back events. Lee Moriarty recently defeated WARHORSE for the IWTV Championship and headlining the first show is his very first championship defense against the winner of the first ever Cassandro Cup, Edith Surreal. A Very Good Professional Wrestler will compete twice ahead of the debut of his documentary that’s apart of a new IWTV original content series. In part two, there will be three championships on the line.

Event 1 Card:

MAIN EVENT: Lee Moriarty (c) vs Edith Surreal for the IWTV Championship.
Gary Jay vs Billie Starkz.
Will Wrestle vs Judge Hugo Lexington Black.
Adam Priest vs Wheeler Yuta.
Johnny Butabi, D-Rogue and James C vs Super Beast, Funny Bone and Nurse Ratchet.
Jaden Newman vs Daniel Makabe.
A Very Good Pro Wrestler, Matt Makowski and Travis Hukabe vs Boomer Hatfield, Erica Leigh and Boar.
Robert Martyr vs Dominic Garrini.
Jake Crist (c) John Wayne Murdoch for the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship.

Event 2 Card:
MAIN EVENT: Daniel Garcia (c) vs Kevin Ku for the C*4 Championship.
Mysterious Q (c) vs Ryan Davidson for the New Texas Pro Championship.
Derek Neal (c) vs Cabana Man Dan for the New South Championship.
Alex Kane vs Bryan Keith.
Downey’s Drinking Team vs a Very Good Professional Wrestling Team.

AIW Go For Broke Preview:

Absolute Intense Wrestling, based out of Cleveland has seen some of the top wrestlers in the world compete at different points in time include Kevin Nash, Shayna Baszler, Ricky Steamboat, Gail Kim and Booker T. This is a new series, as announced on The Card is Going to Change. The series will feature unnamed wrestlers (so far) trying to make headlines to enter the tournament for the Chandler Biggins Memorial Cup. This is important to performers because the winner of the Cup gets to receive a championship opportunity at the AIW Champion of their choosing.

The Life of a Very Good Professional Wrestler Preview:

With IWTV starting to want more original content, they are now starting a documentary series where they follow the life of different wrestlers. The very first superstar highlighted is a Very Good Professional Wrestler. First making a name for himself in CHIKARA under the moniker Dasher Hatfield, AVGPW has wrestled around the world for fourteen years. Now you get to see what a day in his life is like.

ICW No Holds Barred Then and Now Preview:

From a hardcore wrestling standpoint, there likely isn’t a promotion that’s been better since Danny Demanto took over control of the company in 2018. One thing that makes the promotion stands out is their usage of chair ropes as opposed to regular ring cable. Since November, the usually-Jersey based promotion has been running out of New Port Richey, about 45 minutes east of the Tampa area. ICW has become a little bit of a local sweetheart, if sweetheart’s were to become extremely violent.

Dominick Garrini vs Jon Davis.
Dan Maff vs Calvin Tankman.
Jake Crist vs Nolan Edward.
Bruce Santee vs Justin Kyle.
New Jack and Carnage Crew vs the Rejects.
Lee Moriarty vs Steve Madison.
Tony Deppen vs Daniel Garcia.
Danny Damanto vs Brandon Kirk.

No Peace Underground MurderMania Preview:

Our third and final No Peace Underground will air on IWTV, and feature some of the top wrestlers on the Independent scene such as Tony Deppen while also pitting deathmatch icon Mad Man Pondo against one of the best currently in Casanova Valentine.

Mad Man Pondo vs Casanova Valentine.
Tony Deppen vs Jake Something.
Jamie Senegal vs Ace Austin.
Lucky 13 vs Jake Crist vs Shane Mercer vs Neil Diamond Cutter vs Gary Jay.

Have Fun, Be Sad Preview:

Few things are forever in the world of professional wrestling but one of them is violence. Violence is Forever, a team consisting of Kevin Ku and Dom Garrini, broke out as one of the top tag teams on the Independents following a 2019 Black Label Pro matchup with the Workhorsemen. Yet, they’ve really come into their own more recently in Major League Wrestling. Garrini is one of the top mat technicians in the industry but also an expert in Brazilian Ju-jitsu. Ku and Garrini have been SUP tag team champions since their 2019 victory over Marko Stunt and Cabana Man Dan. They are two time IWTV Tag Team o the Year. In a non title match, they will take on Finjuice. Dave Finlay (son of WWE legend Fit Finlay) and Juice Robinson are the current IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions and former IWGP Tag Team Champions. Headlining the show, this promises to be the best tag contest of the weekend.

MAIN EVENT: Finjuice vs Violence is Forever.
Manders and Derek Neal vs Alex Kane and Logan Reed.
AC Mack vs Myron Reed.
AJ Gray vs JD Drake.
O’Shay Edwards vs Jon Davis.
Arik Royal vs Daniel Makabe.
Another announced talents: Cabana Man Dan and Angelus Layne.

Freelance Chicago’s Secret Stash Preview:

Filmed in Illinois, Secret Stash will showcase some of the area’s top Independent stars. One match specifically to keep an eye on would be the non-title champion vs champion contest between Laynie Luck and GPA, a real-life couple. “Lucha” Laynie has been posting training videos with GPA in regularity, a highlight of wrestling Twitter throughout the pandemic. In fact, GPA recently captioned an Instagram post with “she’s the only one I’ve shared the ring with in the last 12 months. Seems only right that she’s opposite me in my return.” Cole Radrick is still only 23 and has used a platform such as GCW to become an overnight sensation, but a majority of his body of work comes from the Illinois-Ohio radius, as a kid from Indiana. His opponent, Angel Escalera, is still relatively new to the craft but Freelance Underground bred.


GPA vs Laynie Luck.
Angel Escalera vs Cole Radrick.
Effy vs Trevor Outlaw.
Darius Latrell and Koda Hernandez vs Acid Jaz and Marshe Rockett.

H2O Subterranean Violence Vol. 9 Preview:

A two hour taping, the H2O Subterranean Violence Vol. 9 episode was taped on Sunday the 28th of March but will premiere on April 9th. Based out of Williamstown, New Jersey, H2O brings its ninth volume of its Subterranean Violence programming. H2O calls itself a “hardcore hustle” organization and much like other promotions featured here, primarily focuses on deathmatches. It’s run by Independent legend Matt Tremont and features a solid mix of veterans and up and comers (two up and comers to keep an eye on are Sean Monaghan and Kaleem Duncan, although they won’t be featured on this show).

Jimmy Lloyd vs Alex Stretch vs Rocket vs Frank Pickard vs Dyln McKay in a No F’n Rules Match.
Marc Angel vs Drew Blood in a Devil’s Bullrope match.
Deklan Grant vs Chuck Payne.
The Brand and GG Everson vs Sean Henderson and Jeff Cannonball.
Anthraxx vs Marcus Mathers.
Austin Luke vs Nolan Edward.
Reid Walker vs Adonis Valerio.

ICW Pit Fighter Preview:

The ICW Pit Fighter will host the second two-event tournament of WrestleMania week, but unlike the Acid Cup, this will be happening all within one day. Over two shows at the 81Bay Brewing Company, the deathmatch promotion will host the Pit Fighter tournament. Each match will take place within an MMA style cage. Some competitors sound more viscous than others, Bret Ison for example is nicknamed “The Human Shotgun” while JD Drake is 1-2 in the cage. Regardless, the tournament will be physical and it will be violent. All of the following are round one matches as everything else will be determined as the tournament progresses.

Bruce Santee vs Dan Maff.
Akira vs SHLAK.
Dom Garrini vs Kevin Ku.
Calvin Tankman vs Jon Davis.
Nolan Edward vs JD Drake.
John Wayne Murdoch vs Reed Bentley.
Also in the tournament: Brett Ison, Justin Kyle, Gary Jay and Daniel Garcia.

Tony Deppen Bier Haus Preview:

Tony Deppen has been one of the top wrestlers in the world and over the last year has broken out in a major way. He has standout strikes with exquisite mat technique while providing a peculiar but solid promo. Starting to make waves in the end of 2019, Deppen became one of the biggest names in Independent wrestling in 2020, aided by regular appearances on Ring of Honor television. With IWTV showcasing the Independent’s, they couldn’t not give Deppen a major role. Deppen’s match itself hasn’t been announced yet, but the card is beginning to take form.
Matt Vertigo vs Myron Reed.
Tank vs Manders.
Simon Grimm vs Brandon Kirk.
JD Drake vs Jordan Oliver.
Ace Austin vs Brayden Lee.

Beyond Wrestling Time Capsule Preview:

Beyond Wrestling’s “Time Capsule” card is the second to last show of the “Showcase of the Independents.” Beyond is one of the most popular Independent federations out there. Their “Signature Series” that has taken the internet by storm wraps up before WrestleMania (4/1 is its final episode, headlined by Matt Makowski vs Chris Dickinson and Matthew Justice vs Slade). Beyond promises to deliver as they always do.

Card (announced):
Gary Jay vs Herzog.
Eric Corvis vs Dan Berry.
Anthony Stone vs Chase Burnett.
Dave Cole vs Facade.

ICW No Holds Barred Vol. 12: Farewell to the Pawn Shop Preview:

As mentioned previously, ICW has been running out of New Port Richey, forty five minutes out from the Tampa area during the pandemic. With the world looking as if it’s about to turn the corner, the promotion is moving back to its original base and their last show of WrestleMania week is one last hurrah in the venue that they’ve been filming from. They’ve put together a supercard of sorts that’s destined to deliver.

Jeff King vs Neil Diamond Cutter.
SHLAK vs Shane Mercer.
Eric Ryan vs John Wayne Murdoch.
Brandon Kirk vs Alex Ocean.
Reed Bentley vs Atticus Cogar.
Dan Maff vs Nolan Edward.
Ruben Steel vs Satu Jinn.

Events on Title Match Network:

Title Match Network isn’t as well known as IWTV but they’re yet another absolutely fantastic streaming platform that allows fans digital access to pro wrestling around the globe. PSE previously covered a lot of their shows in detail. The streaming platform has an eclectic library of shoot interviews, but their bread and butter is promoting their own women’s content, which is evident by their biggest show being “Ladies Night Out.” This is an event they’ve already run on nine different occasions, and WrestleMania week will be the tenth overall installment of the series, unless you count the “LNO Underground” specials. This one does not have a number and is named “Midnight in Tampa.” It will be shot at the Egypt Shrine Center. They will also be running the events for Independent promotion Generation Championship Wrestling and featuring it on their platform for the week.

Generation Championship Wrestling Best in Class Preview:

Generation Championship Wrestling is running “We Run This Town” during WrestleMania week and their first show is “Best in Class.” The card hasn’t quite started to take form yet, but there have been some interest promos promoting who will be at the event. For example, Isaiah James will make his debut for the promotion. Trained by Matt Palmer, Izzy James has been on the scene for the better part of a decade and looks to finally breakout in 2021. You can check out his promo here. One interesting thing of note is that a lot of the talents they seem to be using are local Tampa talents. You can see talents such as Ron Bass Jr., JC Vega, The Coda, Culture Inc and Aaron Nova monthly at Tampa Bay Pro Wrestling, whose shows also are taped for FITE. While you’re there, you can see some tremendous talents such as Logan Rights and The Cheese.

The big selling point of the event is the showdown between Lio Rush and KC Navarro. Rush has been the top acts on the Independents since his release from WWE on April 15th of last year as the show is extremely close to one year of WWE cutting ties with Rush. Navarro has wrestled for AEW in the past year and teamed with Adam Priest against Jurassic Express on the March 30th episode of Dark. You can see the video package for the match below:

MAIN EVENT: KC Navarro vs Lio Rush.
Killa Kelly vs Janai Kai.
Scheduled: The Make Its, JC Vega, The Coda, Merrick Donovan, Ron Bass Jr., Jake Painter, Mr. King, Viva Las Amish, Rey Fury, Leila Grey, Izzy James, Stacee Alexander, Taliaferro, The Mane Event, Aaron Nova, Culture Inc., The Young Professor, Nastico, Stix and Mr. Gomez.

GCW We Run This Town Preview:

Generation Championship Wrestling was supposed to run this show last year and had even booked talents such as Psicosis and Tajiri, yet it didn’t come to fruition for obvious reasons. This year they do get run the town of Tampa and it promises to deliver. In action will be former WWE superstar Mike Bennett, as well as former WWE talent and wife of Drake Maverick, Renee Michelle. One half of the Impact Tag Team Champions Kiera Hogan will be in action and there will be multiple championships to be decided. MLW’s Dynasty is in action. For any avid wrestling fan, this show has a lot to offer. Challenging for the women’s championship is Rache Chanel, who has wrestled women such Hikaru Shida, Big Swole and KiLynn King on AEW Dark.


MAIN EVENT: Chuckles the Clown (c) vs Stunt Marshall for the Generation Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.
Queen Aminata (c) vs Rache Chanel for the GCW Women’s Championship.
Dynasty vs Devil’s Door Men.
Stone and Stone vs Culture Inc. for the vacant GCW Tag Team Championships.
Mr. Grimm vs Timmy Lou Rhetton.
Kiera Hogan vs Skye Blue.
Moose vs Storm Thomas.
The Six Shooter Battle Royal.
Jennacide vs Willow Nightengale.
Mike Bennett vs KC Navarro.
Missa Kate vs Renee Michelle.
Others announced to compete: Remy Marcell, Suge D, Miranda Alize, Wolfe Taylor, Daniel Starling.

Ladies Night Out Midnight in Tampa Preview:

This show is going to be something special, as is all of the Ladies Night Out events. As mentioned earlier, women’s wrestling is the bread and butter of Title Match Network. While a source tells me that matches will be announced later this week, we do know which competitors will take part in the event. The biggest name is Jazz, a former WWE Women’s Champion and one of the most badass competitors, male or female, in the history of pro wrestling. Another is Jordynne Grace, former PROGRESS World Women’s Champion and Impact Knockouts Champion. Current Knockout Tag Champion Kiera Hogan is scheduled to compete, as is Su Yung, a former 2x Knockouts Champion. Heather Monroe, the face of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, is scheduled to be there. The biggest Independent star lined up is Allie Kat, who as previously noted has taken character wrestling by storm alongside some of her favorite pals. The overall talent lineup also includes Faye Jackson, Harlow O’Hara, Holidead, Alejandra Lion and Jennacide.

Weekly Wrestling Lineup:

AEW World Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis appear on both AEW and Impact television.

We’re through every special event streaming somewhere for WrestleMania week that’s been announced, yet there’s still an abundance of weekly content to entertain wrestling fans. Below, we’ll dive into those, just to create a more complete preview of the status of wrestling that week.

Weekly WWE Content:

NXT’s Cameron Grimes has a new character after investing in Gamestop Stock.

WWE has an exorbitant amount of content provided each week. There are three shows that air on cable television, one of which we’ve already covered, as well as a show that airs on Hulu and five shows (The Bump, 205 Live, NXT UK, Talking Smack and RAW Talk) that air on the WWE Network. Having already previewed NXT and NXT UK, let’s break down everything else.

Monday Night Raw Preview:

Rhea Ripley and RAW Women’s Champion Asuka will team up on the go-home edition of RAW.

The only show with announced content yet is Monday Night Raw, mainly because it’s already happened for this week. On this past edition of Raw, The Hurt Business imploded and Bobby Lashley defeated Shelton Benjamin. Both Mustafa Ali and Ricochet stepped up to answer Lashley’s opportunity and fell at the hands of Drew McIntyre’s Claymore. After the match, he was assaulted by SmackDown’s Baron Corbin, presumably setting up a match for next week’s edition of Raw. In the mean time, Rhea Ripley and Asuka signed the contract to make their one on one match at WrestleMania official, yet it was interrupted by Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions and set up a match between the two teams next week.

Confirmed segments for next week:
Rhea Ripley and Asuka vs Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax.
Cedric Alexander vs Bobby Lashley.
Baron Corbin vs Drew McIntyre.
AJ Styles vs Xavier Woods.

After RAW every week, there is an episode of RAW Talk. This is a sit-down interview with talents from RAW to help guide their storylines in the fashion of an unscripted promo. In what is usually hosted by R-Truth and Charly Caruso (ESPN’s Charly Arnolt), it is now hosted by MVP and brand new announcer Kevin Egan.

Friday Night SmackDown Preview:

Former NXT and Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn feels there is a conspiracy against him.

This upcoming Friday, we will see Logan Paul make his first WWE appearance as Sami Zayn promises to unveil a stunning conspiracy trailer. This is set to guide the program between Zayn and Kevin Owens. How this will translate to the go-home show remains to be seen, but it’s a crucial part of their WrestleMania build. The other big programs on SmackDown include the feud between SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks and her WrestleMania opponent Bianca Belair, Cesaro and Seth Rollins feud will continue to swing back and forth and will this new attitude finally payoff in a championship victory for Apollo Crews at WrestleMania? How does Bayley fit into WrestleMania?

This is now being advertised as a special edition of “WrestleMania SmackDown!”
Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.
Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode (c) vs the Alpha Academy vs the Street Profits vs the Mysterio’s for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

August Grey of 205 Live.

Following SmackDown immediately on the WWE Network is 205 Live, a thirty minute weekly programming that highlights some of the top cruiserweights in the world. The main person the show has been built around as of late is August Grey (who has one of the catchiest theme songs in wrestling, very ska-punkish). He’s been feuding with Ariya Daivari and Tony Nese as of late.

On Saturday morning, Paul Heyman and Kayla Braxton host Talking Smack, SmackDown’s equivalent to RAW Talk. Think of these two shows, should you not usually watch them, as a more modern version of Tuesday Night Titans.

WWE on Wednesday Preview:

Every Wednesday at 10 AM there is an episode of the Bump. Sometimes for pay-per-views they do two in one week, so anticipate this for WrestleMania week. It’s hosted by Kayla Braxton, Matt Camp, Evan Mack and Ryan Pappolla and features special guests every week. This week’s guests include Mick Foley and The New Day. Recently, they announced that Molly Holly and Kane would be entering the Hall of Fame on the Bump. Previously, they’d announced that Becky Lynch would be appearing on an episode of Billions. Usually if there’s a big announcement regarding a talent, it’s announced on the Bump. Other than that, they preview and reflect upon what’s going on in WWE that week.

Wednesday’s are also when Hulu drops the weekly episode of WWE Main Event, which is taped before Monday Night Raw every week and usually features talents such as Drew Gulak, Angel Garza, Humberto Carillo, Tucker Knight, etc. When the matches taped for the last episode before WrestleMania, I will update the piece to reflect the card (but not the results).

All Elite Wrestling Preview:

Wardlow, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, Dax Harwood, Cash Wheeler, Tully Blanchard and Shawn Spears have formed The Pinnacle.

With The Pinnacle now formed in full force, MJF seems unstoppable as they took out the Inner Circle. With the top tag team on the planet, a solid hand in Spears, the top heel in wrestling and a freak athlete of a heater, the Pinnacle may be the most talented group across wrestling. Elsewhere in AEW, Kenny Omega will continue his belt collecting shtick on the road to Impact’s Rebellion where he challenges Rich Swann for their World Championship. In the meantime, he currently has heat with Eddie Kingston, Jon Moxley, Christian and Matt Sydal in the AEW Championship picture. Taynara Conti continues to wreak havoc, with the second most wins in all of AEW in 2021, which should align her into the Women’s Championship picture, a belt currently around the waist of Hikaru Shida. How is the Dark Order going to be with Johnny Hungee, as John Silver is out for an extended period of time due to injury alongside Anna Jayy. The TNT Champion Darby Allin is wanting more championship defenses and Lance Archer has been trying to step into the batter’s box, when will The Murderhawk Monster finally step up to the plate?

Elsewhere in AEW, Tony Schiavone and Paul Wight (formerly WWE’s The Big Show) call the action on Monday night’s with AEW Dark: Elevation while on Tuesday’s Taz and Excalibur host AEW Dark. These shows pit contracted AEW superstars against some of the top Independent wrestlers in the world, and plenty of wrestlers mentioned throughout this preview have appeared on AEW Dark, including but not limited to Suge D (the infamous Pineapple Pete), JD Drake, Rache Chanel, Heather Monroe, KC Navarro, among others.

Elevation Card:
Lance Archer vs Baron Black.
Colt Cabana vs Max Caster.
Tesha Price vs Ryu Mizunomi.
Michael Nakazawa vs Vary Morales.
Preston Vance vs Danny Limelight.
Big Swole vs Jazmin Allure.
Matt Hardy vs Alan Angels.
The Sydal Brothers vs Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky.
Alex Gracia vs Dr. Britt Baker.
Adam Page vs Bill Collier.

Dynamite Card:
MAIN EVENT: The Young Bucks and Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega and the Goodbrothers.
Darby Allin (c) vs JD Drake for the TNT Championship.
Bear Country vs Jurassic Express.
The Bunny vs Taynara Conti.

Other Weekly Content:

We at PSE Love That Danhausen of Ring of Honor! If Dave Honor does not give him his blimp, he will rue the day and be cursed.

There are eight more weekly shows readily available for access to anybody across FITE TV, NJPW World, Twitch and YouTube.
Ring of Honor: Every Monday on FITE TV, Ring of Honor’s most recent episode drops for free and available for everybody. Ring of Honor, while having a rather strange television deal, does make their television shows easy to access on multiple platforms, such as their own app and on Pluto TV. Ring of Honor recently celebrated their 19th Anniversary with a tremendous pay-per-view extravaganza on Honor Club. RUSH defeated Jay Lethal in the main event to retain the championship, yet that wasn’t the scene as ROH went off air. Tony Deppen, Chris Dickinson, Brodie King and Homicide beat down Jay Lethal and LFI and left them laying. What will the fallout be going forward?
IMPACT on AXS: Impact Wrestling is another promotion that makes their weekly shows extremely accessible despite a television contract that may limit them. AXS isn’t available in most households, but Impact steams free on Twitch. The big selling point about Impact is that it has perhaps the best women’s division in wrestling, headed by Deonna Purrazzo, but also that they’re opening “the Forbidden Door.”
MLW: Usually, MLW’s weekly episode is named “Fusion.” Every once in awhile, they’ll exchange this for an MLW Underground episode, which they are doing ‘Mania week. This is available for free on YouTube, as is all of MLW’s shows. The original MLW Underground ran from April of 2003 to February of 2004 and was hosted by Joey Styles. The series made its long awaited return in July of 2020 after the company made its return in 2017. This features no new content, but is a tape of old content that could feature talents such as Terry Funk, Steve Williams and CM Punk. Linked below is an old match between Punk and another former ECW Champion.

NJPW: NJPW started a new American show last year as part of their attempt to make a global expansion. NJPW Strong airs every Friday at 10 PM EST. You can watch it on NJPW World or FITE TV. The show is broadcasted live from NJPW’s Los Angeles Dojo and puts emphasis on talents such as “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson, as opposed to their usual roster that features talents such as Kazuchika Okada and Jay White. Next week’s show features the start of the New Japan Cup USA, which features the leader of “Team Filthy” Tom Lawlor going head to head with Ren Narita, Dickinson vs Brody King, Clark Connors vs Lio Rush and Fred Roesser vs Hikuleo. Another event airing during WrestleMania week on NJPW World is that of the Road to Wrestling Dontaku.
NWA: Airing on the YouTube channel of NWA, Billy Corgan has once again started running television again. The top star is World Champion Nick Aldis, while the mid-card is ruled by former WWE World Tag Team Champion Trevor Murdoch and former Money in the Bank winner Aron Stevens.
United Wrestling Network: Three rather unknown weekly programs air on YouTube and the United Wrestling Network. The Network is actually in the processing of crowning its first champion, which will likely end up being Chris Dickinson, whose name has been a constant in this article. The first show is Championship Wrestling from Memphis, hosted by Dustin and Maria Starr, which airs on their own YouTube channel. Recently, Bret Michaels (no, not the frontman of Poison) has been chasing Alan Steel and Johnny Dotson because they destroyed his coveted Cobra Cup. The other two shows are Championship Wrestling from Arizona and Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, both viewable from United Wrestling Network’s YouTube channel.

I’ve had a number of people ask me recently what all there is to keep up with WrestleMania week, so here is a guide with every show that people outside of the Tampa area can watch, where, how and when to watch them. This also hopefully gave everybody some crucial background information to anticipate what to expect from each show and enjoy it more. WrestleMania week starts in six days (from the original publishing date) and wrestling fans, enjoy it. I’ll be in Tampa and I know I’ll be enjoying the festivities. As usual, I will update this as more information becomes available on each event so regularly check back in.

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