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Wrestlemania Preview and Predictions

Written by Ron Newman

“The Showcase of the Immortals” “The Grandest Stage of Them All” Wrestlemania weekend has arrived.

The most anticipated sports entertainment (aka professional wrestling to us older fans) event of the year is this Sunday and WWE fans can’t wait.

Everyone has their predictions of what may or may not happen. Who will be Braun Strowman’s partner? Will Charlotte Flair break Asuka’s streak and retain her title? Will we see the Undertaker? (Scroll down for some of my predictions) From Friday to Sunday WWE gives us a reason to stay glued to the WWE Network each day.

On Friday night a few more legends will receive the honor of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Those legends being inducted are Mark Henry, Ivory, Hillbilly Jim, the Dudley Boyz, Jeff Jarret, and of course, Goldberg. As a fan from the mid 90s it’s awesome to see men and women I grew up watching be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Saturday night features NXT Takeover. Special guest on the pre-show will be Pat McAfee, former Indianapolis Colts punter and currently the lead man at Barstool Heartland.

NXT fans unfamiliar with McAfee may only know him as the guy who, at an NXT Live Event, jumped up on the ring apron, pulled a chair from Adam Cole’s hands which distracted Cole as Aleister Black waited for Adam Cole to turn around….and when he did…Black hit Cole with a black mass kick to the side of the head and pinned Cole for the win. McAfee has a hell of a personality and is a longtime wrestling fan. I am excited to see what he brings to the table on the NXT Takeover pre-show.

The match card for NXT Takeover is a very good one featuring the crowning of the first ever NXT North American Champion in a 6-man ladder match.

Sunday night, the biggest night of the year for wrestling fans. We have seen the Hardy Boyz surprise return, Seth Rollins Money In The Bank Cash In, legendary TLC matches, Hulk Hogan defeating Andre the Giant. Anything can happen…and with that in mind, here are some of my predictions.

Smackdown Live Women’s Championship
Charlotte Flair (champion) vs Asuka
Arguably the two best women in-ring talents that WWE has to offer going head to head with more than just a title on the line. Asuka’s undefeated streak is still alive as well. I think Asuka beats Charlotte and the streak lives on. Or does it?

Carmella will come and somehow successfully cash in her Money In The Bank Contract after weeks of failed attempts on Smackdown. This will most likely send the internet into a frenzy and have fans complaining about how Asuka’s streak ended. I wouldn’t be one of those people.

Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle vs Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

The Olympic gold medalists against the Authority. Ronda is making her debut at Wrestlemania and I think that says something in itself.

It seems as though Kurt Angle’s time as general manager of Monday Night Raw is soon coming to an end as Kurt has repeatedly been getting on the bad side of The Game and Stephanie. The only way Ronda loses her debut match is if there is some sort of screwjob finish and somehow Triple H and Stephanie cheat or use a distractiong or something like that to win the match. I don’t think that happens. Kurt and Ronda walk away with the win.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship
The Usos (champs) vs the Bludgeon Brothers vs the New Day

We have seen the Usos and the New Day put on some of the most incredible tag team matches and prove that they are undoubtedly two of the best tag teams in the world. We have watched the Bludgeon Brothers dominate and destroy everyone in their path.

As great as the Usos and New Day are, the way the Bludgeon Brothers have been built to just beat anyone in their path is too much to overcome. If the Bludgeon Brothers were to lose the match then their whole push for the last 2 months was all for nothing (which we have seen WWE do before). I think just because of how strong they were made to be, the Bludgeon Brothers leave as new tag team champions.

I will be giving the rest of my predictions on my live radio special Wrestlemania edition of 30 Minute Timeout Thursday April 5th 11pm eastern. Call in live and join the conversation. You can also hear it after it is recorded by searching PSE Podcast on all podcast platforms.

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