Would You Call CPS On Your Neighbor For Not Coming Home For 6 Hours To His 12 Year Old Son?

Written by TrevStone

There is a story from Quora that is being shared on Facebook that talks about how someone caught their neighbor leaving his 12 year old son home alone and didn’t come back within 6 hours. And the person was wondering if they should call CPS. Crazy, right? Well 12 might be somewhat ‘young’ but is it really?

Someone replied:

“At 5 years old I was put on a John Deere tractor with a disc attached and told to till the field. Dad said, don’t run over a fence and don’t drive into the woods or creek. Come find me when you run out of gas.

At 12 my older brother and I (10) were milking 15 cows five night a week while my dad worked second shift in a factory and my mom was in the house taking care of our 4 younger siblings.

Seems like we have made babies out of far to many kids today.. your neighbors son will be just fine.

You should stand up, be a neighbor instead of a pest and tell the father the kid can call you or come over if any emergency arises.”

What would you do?

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