Would Thanasis Antetokounmpo Work At McDonalds If Giannis Was Not His Brother?

Written by schultzyca

This is as a legitimate questions as they come. Thanasis the older brother of Giannis is a waste of a roster spot and everyone knows that. The only way he is employed by an NBA team is nepotism and that is just plain fact. Giannis would be a much more likeable character if his brother was not on this roster because he does not belong on any to be honest.

Lets make this point clear, several years ago the Knicks were the only NBA team to employee Thanasis other than the Bucks and he was out of the NBA for about three years until Giannis made them sign him last year. Good news for Thanasis is the fact that he will be most likely be employed until he pisses off his superstar little brother.

He got in tonight with about three minutes to go in an absolute blow out and made an ass out of himself. This further proves that Adam Silver needs investigate the Bucks franchise because there is clearly nepotism going on and Thanasis clearly does not belong on any NBA roster. Do better.

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