Would Liv Cowherd be the First OnlyFans Billionaire?

Written by Noah Gagnon

Would Liv Cowherd be the First OnlyFans Billionare?


Short answer: yes. Medium-length answer: yes. Long Answer: yes.

The daughter of the sports radio legend brought attention to this hypothetical in a recently deleted TikTok, in which she reacted to one of her thousands of simping followers posing this question in her comments.


Now, I don’t know about the rest of you but I would signup for OnlyFans in a MILLISECOND, Liv made an account. I mean, think of the content! Yeah, sure, we’d probably get some nice glimpses of her ass, titties, and a slew of other spankbank materials, but thats not what I’m talking about, perverts.

I’m more interested in the exclusive content she could drop with pops. Fuck bikini pictures, I wanna see hidden camera footage of Liv showing up to Sunday dinner with a ball-dominant point guard on her arm. How about she pumps a few drinks into Uncle Colin and gets him on a hot mic? I’d love to hear his takes on the Dominican Republic after 6 vodka sodas!


I shit you not, I would give infinity dollars to have this gal on OnlyFans. I don’t have a billion dollars (YET), but if I did, you bet your ass I’d personally fund Livvy’s OnlyFans experimentation. You don’t even need to post anything sexual, just give me insights into your fathers life and its worth the investment. What kind of toothpaste does he use? Whats he look like before bed? Does he poop? Give the people the content they want Liv!

And liiiiikkkeeeee… if you feeeeellll liiiiikkkkeeee ittttt, you coooouuuulllld mayyyyyybe post an ass pic here and there? Maybe? Please?

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