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Worker at Little Caesars In Upper Peninsula Seen With Gut All Over Food Counter | @littlecaesars

Written by TrevStone

An employee at Little Caesars in Houghton, Michigan was seen making food with his gut out and touching all of the counters.

At first I laughed but then I almost puked because I’ve ordered Little Caesars from here before. After you look at this picture you’ll never want to eat at this place again. This might be worse than the rumor of poop in the food at Taco Bell, actually this is worse because it’s confirmed. We literally can see it with our own eyes.

Welcome to the U.P! Get some Little Caesars and belly hair.

What’s this dude thinking?

No one else around him thought umm… no one is going to want to eat your damn body hair. And told him he should fix it? I mean Jesus. This dude is something else. What the hell is he wearing it like this for anyway? I don’t want to sit here and roast him but someone has too. From the man bun to the gut out. Was this his attempt at a Halloween costume? Either way it’s ridiculous.

One Facebook comment read: Nasty! But I haven’t eaten there since someone I know found a fly cooked into the crust 🤮 I’m sure my oldest goes there. I’ll warn him lol

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