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Woman Killed In South Dakota, Killer Drove All The Way To U.P Of Michigan To Dump Her Body | Head, Feet, Hands Missing

Written by TrevStone

Police have released some very disturbing details about a woman’s body that was found by two boys walking a dog, in an icy Upper Peninsula river. The murderer drove 650+ miles to dump the body. And has been charged with second-degree murder.

Before I get into this story, how the hell is he being charged with second-degree murder? Why not first degree murder? Can someone please answer that for me in the comments?

According to reports Stephen Falkenberg, 45, killed Tamara LaFramboise, 46, in Yankton South Dakota. But where to put the body? He decided to drive the already dead body all the way to Michigan’s, Upper Peninsula (650+ miles) to dump it in Little River in Menominee..

Tamara LaFramboise, 46, was last seen March around 8:15 a.m. at her apartment on Deer Boulevard west of Yankton.

The reports show the victims head, hands and feet were off of the body, and haven’t been found. Menominee County Sheriff Kenny Marks told reporters that they were able to identify the body because of the tattoos.

Stephen is held on a $1 million bond.

We are hearing report’s that the killer is indeed from Menominee.

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The location is 1.4 miles from a home owned by Falkenberg’s brother.

“Marissa said that Falkenberg did not know what to do, so he drove around on county roads and then decided to drive to Michigan. Marissa said that Falkenberg advised he Tamara’s body near their family farm in Michigan. Marissa states (her brother) Sebastian had somehow learned that Tamara’s body was dismembered so she brought up the dismemberment to Falkenberg. Marissa stated she did not know how Sebastian knew Tamara had been dismembered. Marissa advised that he dismembered Tamara because he did not want her to be identified. Marissa advised Falkenberg told her that he got rid of the tools and that he wore gloves when he dismembered Tamara,” the affidavit states.

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