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Woman Glues Herself Onto Court Protesting Timberwolves Owner Glen Taylor (Video)

Written by Nate

A bizarre moment happened on the court during one of the NBA playoff ‘play-in’ games Tuesday night.

In the tweets below, a woman was seen lying on the floor while the LA Clippers and the Minnesota Timberwolves were playing in the first half. Via NBA on TNT reporter Allie Laforce, she had her hand literally glued on to the court while the game was going.

Apparently per Laforce, the woman had on a shirt that read ‘Glen Taylor Roast Animals Alive’ on it. The reason she wore the shirt was to protest the (former) Timberwolves owner for allegedly killing chickens due to a recent bird flu outbreak.

We all have a right to protest what some of us think is very wrong, but it’s a very odd timing for the lady to do that stunt on the home court while the Timberwolves are playing in a key playoff game.

We would rather gather outside of Target Center in Minneapolis instead of inside. Just our two cents.

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