With The NFL Draft About A Month Away, Trades Are Going Down

WOW, the NFL had to remind everyone that they are still the big boy, the number one sport in the country. A day after one of the busiest NBA trade deadlines ever, the NFL just came in and said move over NBA, we have some trades of our own. Boom all the attention back on the NFL. The Dolphins and 49ers started the day off, swapping picks in this year’s draft. Plus, a third-round pick and two firsts for the next two drafts. All for San Fransisco to trade up to number three and grab a quarterback. That trade was a blockbuster trade already. But that wasn’t the end, the Eagles got involved.

Yep, the Eagles moving back to pick number 12 as the Dolphins move up to six. The Eagles now the Dolphins first-round pick for 2022. The Eagles are the big loser in all of this. Yes, they got another first-round pick for next year but they are now out of the top ten. The Eagles need offensive weapons, especially at wide receiver. This draft class is loaded with some special talent and the Eagles will have to settle for what is left at 12. Ja’Marr Chase, tight end Kyle Pitts, and DeVonta Smith will all be gone. Jaylen Waddle might still be available for the Eagles at 12. The Eagles just lost out on getting one of the top receivers in the draft.

This is a win-win for the Dolphins and 49ers. Yes, the 49ers gave up too much but it’s to get their quarterback for the future. Jimmy G isn’t working out for the team and now they are in prime spot to select their guy. Even if the 49ers want Jimmy G for this year, draft a quarterback and let him sit behind Jimmy for a season. With the 49ers moving up to three, this means that the first four picks will more than likely be quarterbacks.

For the Dolphins, they are coming off their best season in years. They are building for the future and added to that future. The dolphins fall back three sports from the original pick and get a third-round pick. Plus still getting another first rounder in 2023. The Dolphins have two first-round picks this year and in 2023. Five first rounders in the next three drafts. Now of course we all have to see how the Dolphins draft but damn, they have set themselves up nicely.

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