With Carson Wentz OUT This Week, Will Philip Rivers Take Time Out Of His Baby Making Schedule To Help Out The Colts?

The Indianapolis Colts are in the middle of the playoff hunt and are now going to be without QB Carson Wentz. Wentz tested positive for Covid today and is unvaccinated, knocking him out of the game this week against the 8-7 Raiders, who are also fighting for a wildcard spot.

The Colts are reportedly discussing trying to convince Philip Rivers to come out of retirement and be the spot starter this week. You can’t make this shit up.

The Saints tried the same thing earlier this week, trying to convince Drew Brees to come out of retirement and help the Saints get to the playoffs, but he responded by sending a picture of himself on the golf course.

My guess is that Rivers is also busy on the golf course and will decline… or the man is putting in work in the bedroom trying to make his 10th child. Imagine Rivers packing up his army of children to go save the Colts season. It would be hilarious if Rivers were to come out of retirement for a week just to shit on the Raiders by knocking them out of the playoffs though. What a wild year.

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