Wisconsin’s Brad Davison Is Now Grayson Allen 2.0 After Punching Player in Nuts

Written by Nate

Forgive me for being too harsh, but there is a new certified pest growing all over college basketball recently. And his name, is Brad Davison from the Wisconsin Badgers.

This came into play after last night’s 68-62 loss at the Iowa Hawkeyes, when he may have inadvertently punched one of the Hawkeyes in the groin on Live TV.

Apparently this is not the first time Davison has pulled the nut punch move, as he did the same thing to Sam Hauser (who is now at Virginia) when he was with the Marquette Golden Eagles last year.

Most analysts believe Davison’s play came about being and playing physical, but it was a direct cheap shot. College basketball fans (even Wisconsin fans) were angry at the cheap shot Davison put up.

I guess with those little stunts, Davison did cement himself now as one of the unanimous villains in college basketball. Someone teach this guy a lesson out on the court or suspend the player for at least one or two games please.

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