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Wisconsin and Illinois Drivers Seen Flocking to Bond Falls in Western Upper Peninsula (Ontonagan)

Written by Nate

A Facebook post by Skye Marie that was shared to TV6 Facebook page over the weekend shows a parking lot/side road full of drivers from Wisconsin and Illinois visiting Bond Falls in southern Ontonagon County.

For those who don’t remember from this past week, Michigan state Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed an executive order that stated that drivers and citizens were told not to drive to places outside of family care and essential work.

This was part of Michigan order 2020-42, which states temporary restrictions to activities that ‘are not necessary to sustain and protect life.’

We don’t know if it’s effected to out-of-state drivers and/or visitors, but the pictures above do seem alarming.

Feel free to express your judgement on this one here. Yoopers please share this! This needs to be known. We can’t keep having this or else the virus will spread faster up here.

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