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Wilson and Rodgers are Out; Is Washington in Trouble at Quarterback?

After a 4 year, 200 million dollar contract, Aaron Rodgers is possibly the richest man in football. This means he is staying in Green Bay for a long time. The Denver Broncos traded everything except the kitchen sink for Russell Wilson and a 4th round pick after reports that the Commanders made a sizeable offer themselves, but were declined. What does this mean for Washington? Are they left with the table scraps of the league, or are there viable options still out there? Let’s take a look at a few possibilities:

Carson Wentz: Wentz’s time in Indianapolis might have been viewed as a failed experiment, but he wasn’t given much to work with. We have to remember, this guy was viewed as the Eagles’ savior before Hurts came to town. Given the right circumstances, Wentz could thrive in Washington. Would this be a fan-favorite choice? Probably not, but we’re willing to bet he would love to be back in the NFC East with a chance to prove Philly fans wrong.

Teddy Bridgewater: Teddy had an excellent start to his career before it was put on hold by injury. Since then, he has been an above-average bridge quarterback, but nobody views him as their quarterback of the future. With all the hype of the Russell Wilson trade, Broncos fans have probably already forgotten about Bridgewater. If the Commanders bring in Bridgewater, they will likely draft a quarterback as well.

Jameis Winston: Winston is an intriguing option for Washington. He fits the Cam Newton mold Ron Rivera loves and has been very successful with. Just as Winston looked to be “the guy” in New Orleans, he was injured for the rest of the season last year. During his time in Tampa Bay, the 2019 season had Winston throwing 33 touchdowns. His turnovers have always been the issue. If Riverboat Ron can sharpen Winston’s skillset a bit, he may be the best option out of the group.


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