Mount Zion in Durham. Williamson commits to Duke.

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Spartansburg Day School Griffins forward Zion Williamson has been a captivating young athlete ever since he stepped onto the hardwood as a freshman in 2014. At this time in his accomplished high school basketball career, he very well may be the most polarizing athlete coming out of high school since LeBron James. The 6’8″, 235 lb. swingsman has dominated the high school basketball scene with his incandescent scoring, superior ball handling, lockdown defense, and his death defying rim assaults that have been watched and relived countless times. He is the total package.

The next step on the bucket list for the young player is to take college basketball by the horns en route to getting to the NBA. A place where just about every basketball fan that knows of this young man expects him to go. However, the step before that is committing to a college. Which one will it be?

The nation’s No. 3 recruit commited to the University of Duke, spurning the Kentucky Wildcats and John Calipari to become Mike Krzyzewski’s latest star pupil. Zion Williamson joins one of the most storied programs in all of college basketball and sports in general, amateur or pro. His high rising theatrics and polished all around game are welcome in the city of Durham, North Carolina.

During his career with the Griffins, Zion Williamson put up some down right gawdy numbers. He averaged 31.1 ppg., 11.4 rpg., 3.2 bpg., 2.9 spg., 2.6 apg., and shot 71% from the floor. 71! That’s mind blowingly crazy. Not to mention, this was a guy who averaged 24 ppg., 9 rpg., 3 bpg., and 3 spg. as a 6’4″ freshman guard. The kid is a beast and will only make Duke even better than what they are now.

The only true flaw that I see in Zion’s game is his shooting ability. Better yet, lack there of. He shot a rather pedestrian 26% from outside the arc and is a terrible free throw shooter for a wing player. He made just 64% of his 625 total attempts while at Spartansburg. Coach Krzyzewski will definitely look for him to clean that area of his game up.

Nonetheless, this is an exciting thing to happen to an exciting and extremely competitive college program. I’m sure next season that everyone, including myself will tune in to see the 18-year old phenom boss up amongst the best college basketball has to offer. Should be a fun season. It’s definitely a fun time to be a Blue Devils fan.

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