Will Tom Brady step out of retirement again?

He has performed a U-turn once before, but will he do it again? It does appear rather unlikely at this moment in time.

Tom Brady is undoubtedly the greatest of all time (GOAT) when it comes down to the sport of American football, with the legendary quarterback one of the most decorated players in the history of the NFL.

He has since called it a day for a second time after a disappointing campaign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they were eliminated in the NFC Wild Card by the Dallas Cowboys. Many will remember that he made an initial decision to retire after the 2021 season, but decided to reverse that decision just 40 days later.

‘TB12’ as he is affectionately known, has already reiterated that he will not be looking to get back on the gridiron this season, and it would appear that is a stance that he is likely to stick by.

The Era of Brady is Over

While he has been a favorite with those who have been able to use betting sites with a $5 deposit in recent years as sports betting continues to take over the nation, it would seem that wagering on Brady is likely to be something that is no longer possible.

Each and every team in the NFL would undoubtedly give everything they could to have a player of his stature and quality in the pocket and throw the ball all around the field, but it does not seem as though there will be anyone that will have that luxury.

Even his old team – the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – have decided to bring in a new quarterback to replace him as the starter. Baker Mayfield has been signed during free agency after he was let go by the Los Angeles Rams, and it would seem like a move that would have been to big to make if Brady had left any indication that he would be willing to return to the franchise and football for the upcoming season.

Other Things on the Horizon for Brady

Although football has been a huge part of his life, there are a number of other things that are on the horizon for Brady that will simply take all his attention, thus not leaving him any time to practice and play the sport to the best of his ability.

He and Brazilian fashion supermodel Gisele Bündchen are going through a divorce at the moment, having been married for 13 years. Both have publicly admitted that they will be going through it amicably, but it would not be a surprise if there were some difficulties over the whole process, given how long they have been together. Additionally, with the duo having children, Brady may want to focus more on family life for a year before he begins his newest venture in football, especially as that will involve some travel once again.

In May 2022, he signed a 10-year deal to join FOX Sports as an analyst once his playing career was over. It was reported the contract was worth a whopping $375 million over the course of its duration, however it is something that he will not be starting immediately.

Fans who want to hear ‘TB12’ and what he can offer in terms of color commentary in the booth will have to wait until the 2024 NFL season, where it is assumed he will take over the No 1 spot from Greg Olsen.

Brady has admitted in the past that he wants to learn as much as possible and be ready before stepping into the role, so he could spend the next NFL season learning his craft and working on that, rather than being out in the middle of a gridiron where so many are used to seeing him.

Brady is Retired

His U-turn last year surprised everyone after he decided to retire, however this time, it feels rather real. There are so many factors that would appear to confirm that his retirement is genuine, but as they say, never say never…

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