Will Tom Brady Change His Mind About Playing Until 45?

Written by TrevStone

It’s been dubbed Tom vs. Time. Last season, there were odds out at the top betting sites on whether or not Tom Brady would retire before the start of the next season. Tom stated that he would like to play until he’s 45, so we may not see those odds pop up again this season, but what if the Pats get booted out of the playoffs in embarrassing fashion? Would he throw in the towel or would this give him a chip that he would want to get off his shoulder by proving himself in 2019/2020?

Is He Slowing Down?

As the New England Patriots move into Week 14, Brady and Co. are 9-3. Of the three losses that the Pats have had this season only one was a poor performance by Brady. He threw for just 133 yards and had an INT against the Lions. But we should keep in mind this was against his former DC, Matt Patricia. Patricia knows Belichick like the back of his hand, so it wasn’t so much a poor performance by Brady as it was Matt Patricia putting the kibosh on Belichick’s play calling.

The other two losses were more defensive let-downs than anything else. Brady threw for more than 234 yards in each of the other losses and even had a pair of touchdowns in the loss to the Jags. It just so happened that Blake Bortles decided to actually show up and play and put 4 TDs and 376 passing yards on the Pats defense.

Brady Throughout the Years

  • 2018 – Completion Percentage 65.9, Yards 3,342, TDs 20, INTs 8, QB Rating  96.8
  • 2017 – Completion Percentage 66.3, Yards 4,577, TDs 32, INTs 8, QB Rating  102.8
  • 2016 – Completion Percentage 67.4, Yards 3,554, TDs 28, INTs 2, QB Rating  112.2
  • 2015 – Completion Percentage 64.4, Yards 4,770, TDs 36, INTs 7, QB Rating  102.2
  • 2014 – Completion Percentage 64.1, Yards 4,109, TDs 33, INTs 9, QB Rating   97.4
  • 2013 – Completion Percentage 60.5, Yards 4,343, TDs 25, INTs 11, QB Rating 87.3
  • 2012 – Completion Percentage 63.0, Yards 4,827, TDs 34, INTs 8, QB Rating   98.7
  • 2011 – Completion Percentage 65.6, Yards 5,235, TDs 39, INTs 12, QB Rating 105.6
  • 2010 – Completion Percentage 65.9, Yards 3,900, TDs 36, INTs 4,  QB Rating 111.0

We still have a few games left in the regular season and he is on track to hit the  ‘Brady Standard’. So you can see that there isn’t a whole lot of performance decline going on. Tom seems timeless. He could finish out the regular season with around 4000 yards and 26 touchdowns. His completion percentage, QB rating, and interception rate are right on par with his career averages. And something to note is that compared to the last few seasons, Tom Brady has much fewer weapons on offense and a diminished offensive line to boot.

Even so, this season is looking like he could have better stats than most of his first five years in the league 2002-2006. He has already surpassed the yardage on a couple of those seasons and is likely to surpass the TD mark on more than a few as well. So, as long as Tom isn’t taking a lot of hits. If Bill Belichick can keep an elite offensive line in front of No.12 and keep at least the amount of offensive talent around him that he currently has, we shouldn’t see any reason why Brady would quit.

Brady already owns a plethora of NFL records. A couple more seasons that are similar to 2018 and he could put the records that he already owns so far out of reach that they are likely never to be broken. He could even snag a few more, like Peyton Mannings all-time passing TD record.

As long as Tom stays healthy, he will play for at least a couple more years.


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