Will The ROCK save college football for good?

The dominoes are starting to fall. An overwhelmingly amount of college football teams are starting to cancel or delay their season because of Covid-19.

If I am a college football player with realistic hopes of playing in the NFL, the realization that spring football and making an NFL roster are not very good odds. It would almost be beneficial to players to just sit out the college season and prepare for the NFL.

This is where Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can take a page out of HBO’s series Baller’s and make a play. The Rock, who is just fresh off of acquiring the XFL, can offer something the NCAA can’t. An opportunity to play football in the fall for money.

If I am an NFL prospect with no realistic shot of playing in the NCAA, why not get a head start on capitalizing on your playing efforts and jump ship. Getting paid to play and showcase your talents is where the NCAA will have to end up if they want to compete with the XFL.

Now the XFL does have some logistical hurdles to jump but as the NBA and NHL have shown us, bubbles work. If the XFL can secure a location and set up, lets say an eight team league, some of the biggest NCAA football players have a shot of playing against some professionals trying to make a final attempt at the NFL.

If the NFL is paying any attention, a partnership with the XFL could end up making NCAA football obsolete while creating a minor league style system that creates more jobs for NFL hopefuls.

The NCAA has for far too long taken advantage of kids by generating millions of dollars off of them and not paying them a cent. I get that players are getting a free education but people have to know their worth. If presented with an alternative, why not allow kids to get paid for their services in something other than education.

So, will The Rock save college football????

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