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Will The NFC East End Up Being The Worst Division Ever?

Written by mrbillylocks

As of today, the NFC East is arguably the worst division ever and arguably the most competitive division ever, at the same time. Here is a look at the current standings:

There’s an argument for any team in the NFC East to win the division right now. When was the last time we saw a 0.5 game difference between the first place team and the last place team this late into the season?

The combined record of the NFC East sits at 12-27-1, with only 4 of those 12 wins coming from outside of the division. If, or should I say when, any team in the division loses one more non-division game, the division as a whole will clinch a sub-.500 record.

A user on reddit by the name of u/figment1979 in the subreddit r/nfl broke it down week by week.

In week 12, the division can go 3-1 at best since WAS plays DAL. A combined 15-28-1 record at best after week 12.

In weeks 13, 14, and 15, the division can go 12-0 at best because no two teams play eachother. That would make it 23-28-1 at best.

In week 16, the division can go 3-1 at best since DAL plays PHI, making it 30-29-1 at best.

In week 17, division can go 2-2 at best since NYG plays DAL and PHI plays WAS. That would end the season with a 32-31-1 record.

If an NFC East team loses one non-divisional game, they would guarantee themselves to finish under .500 as a division. In order to eliminate the possibility of becoming the worst combined division record in NFL history, the NFCE would have to finish the rest of season with a 9-13 record, beating the 2014 NFC South’s record of 22-41-1.

Don’t forget, one of these teams will be making the playoffs. As of now, there’s a scenario in which a 4-11-1 Eagles team will HOST a 12-4 Buccaneers team.

And from the way this year has gone so far, they’ll probably win…

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