Will Smith Just Bitch Slapped Chris Rock On National Television

What the hell is happening?

I have no clue if this is a bit or if there is something real here to the story. All I am gathering is that Chris Rock made a not very tasteful joke about Jada (Will Smith’s wife) losing her hair.

This is just an absolutely wild move and it truly looks like a bit that smack is unreal lol.

Just a very uncomfortable scene all together but one would have to agree it looks fabricated right?

Even the exchange after when Rock says “Wow..Will Smith just slapped the shit out of me.” Then Will screams very loudly, “KEEP MY WIFES NAME OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MOUTH.” That would lead one to believe that this is very real. But I am dumb and like to wear my tinfoil hat a little tighter than others.

This was an absolutely wild scene and it sucks for the Oscars because this is the most interesting thats ever happened in their whole history but everyone will see it second hand and not actually live.

What a world Will Smith gave Chris Rock the fade.

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