Will Ryan Day Be The Next Head Coach For The Chicago Bears?

Written by Jonathan Garner

There has been more talk surrounding the coaching carousal throughout the NFL and college than ever in these past few weeks. If there is one thing we can guarantee every year, it is that rumors fly around everywhere. The bears have officially fired Matt Nagy (which was highly expected) so that leaves them on the search to find a new coach. Ryan Day, head coach for Ohio State, who has had one hell of a college coaching career, is yet to be the head coach in the big leagues. His coaching record in is an astonishing 34-4 in just his 3 years of being the full time head coach. 2 of those 4 losses came in the playoffs, and only 1 of those losses came inside big ten play. Day obviously knows what he is doing inside that locker room and on the sideline, but is he NFL ready? If you look at this current season of what former Ohio State coach, Urban Meyer, has done with the Jaguars, you could have doubt considering he was debatably one of the best coaches in college at that time. Although, that is a different story on its own.

I personally do not think Ryan Day leaves Ohio State this year because he has already made 4 hires around the coaching staff this past month, recruited very hard in the month before the Rose Bowl, and also has an offense returning next year that is capable of leading them to a National Championship. He seems to be in the right place right now by the looks of it.

BUT, there is also a few reasons that would make sense as to why he would leave OSU to go to Chicago. First of all, what the bears are willing to pay him will exceed the amount of money he is making right now. The very young QB taking snaps for Chicago is the guy that Ryan Day has coached and took to the College Football Championship with, Justin Fields, so why not reunite again? There is also tweets like this that you see and can make you wonder:

Now is that just Bears fan trying to speak rumors into existence? Or is he actually onto something? We won’t know anything for another couple weeks, but it can change the scope of college football if Ryan Day and Jim Harbaugh both leave their schools, opening up the jobs to be taken for the biggest rivalry in sports!

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