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Will Peyton Manning Be The New Owner of The Denver Broncos? #BroncosCountry

Written by austenlange

As reported on “The Pat MacAfee Show” it looks as if Peyton Manning is looking into purchasing part of The Denver Broncos franchise. Which in my honest opinion would be one of the best moves The NFL could ever have.

Peyton is currently running multiple businesses and absolutely crushing retirement. So this move comes to me as no surprise why not have the Manning family, who have been a STAPLE to for the last 50 years be able to purchase part of a legendary franchise.

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Some are asking why Peyton doesn’t buy part of the Colts and I would imagine it has part to do with Jim Irsay being MR. Money Bags and more than likely wouldn’t let go any part of the franchise he holds so near and dear to his heart. Even if that buyer was his Super Bowl winning QB.

THe Broncos just make more sense. Elway loves the kid he brought the city to 2 Super Bowl appearances, and was able to bring home the big one for them while he was there.

If Peyton is half as good at being an owner as he was a QB I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet that the Broncos long lasting woes at the QB position will be over quickly. Also him and H.O.F John Elway would be partnering to combine for one of the best ownership groups in all of sports, and I cannot wait for it to happen.

Do the right thing here, let Peyton own The Broncos!!!

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