Will Matt Rhule Be Fired Before The Trade Deadline?

Written by BadBoiCiCi

Matt Rhule is probably the worst head coach in the NFL as of right now. On offense they have all the talent they need, minus quarterback. The play “Book of Matthew” Rhule just isn’t scheming his big playmakers to get open. Obviously CMC hasn’t been able to stay on the field, but running back is the most replaceable position on the field.

They have quarterback issues, but it is up to him to either get Sam Darnold playing good football, or get Matt Corral up to speed to win him games and save his job. In a press conference last year he stated that the team “is right there, we’re so close” so it is a make or break year for them. Unfortunately, it will be the break year for Matt Rhule as the team has just gotten worse with the product they put on the field since he arrived in Carolina. 

If the Panthers start 0-4 or 2-6, I can see Matt Rhule being fired before the trade deadline. He has to find a way to be a fired up football coach and not look like a wedding photographer. He does gimmicky stunts to get the guys to laugh but it’s time for him to move those stubby little legs of his and walk his walk.

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