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Will Carlos Monarrez Ever Shut Up? Reporter Or Moron? I mean both? – #OnePride @cmonarrez

Written by TrevStone

Carlos Monarrez has been writing for the Detroit Free Press since 2000 and started covering the Lions in 2006. By covering… I mean writing stupid ass opinions in the Free Press.

My only question to Monarrez is…. Will you shut the hell up?

As a diehard Detroit Lions fan I constantly hear “Did you hear what Carlos Monarrez said” normally my response is “Hell no” but this time I had to read how his stupid take on the Lions new GM.

Carlos said that it was another fail for the Lions franchise.

To be honest the only thing that should be considered a fail in the same sentence as Carlos is when he’s talking about his journalism career. 21 years in the making, writing for one of the most popular websites/newspapers in Detroit, he has a verified check on Twitter, and he still only has 4000 followers. What a loser. What a dunce.

Carlos Monarrez | Detroit Free Press

You must really suck to have that happen. I mean.. I had to restart my Twitter in February 2020 and I have as many followers as Carlos.

Monarrez is hated by many Lions fans as he continues to hate on the Franchise and consider every move they make wrong. “He panders to the SAME OLD LIONS crowd” said one Lions fan.

I mean look at these replies from Lions fans:

I don’t get it.

How does Carlos continue to be allowed to cover Detroit? He’s hated by everyone. No one likes him.

He spews negativity and continues to write bullshit like the article above. No matter who Detroit hired he was going to write that. The only way it would have been a good hire is it we got someone to leave their current GM position? What a joke.

What a moron. On that note, give me a follow instead of Carlos. Click the button below.

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