Will Brady ever be that ‘bad’ he puts punters off?

Written by TrevStone

The annual debate regarding Tom Brady’s future has been set in motion. We really should know better by now, with there little point in trying to predict when the GOAT will head off to pasture.

He has, in the eyes of some, been teetering on the brink of retirement for the best part of a decade. How has he responded to those doubters? In the only way he knows how, by winning football matches and adding to a record-setting collection of rings.

Will 2022 be the year in which cleats are hung up and more family time is embraced? Don’t bank on it. There has been no indication from the man himself that he is preparing to slow down, never mind come to a complete standstill.

A man at his peak

For as long as a competitive fire burns brightly inside him, a position in the heat of battle will be filled on any given Sunday. He doesn’t know how to do anything else and has no reason to consider a change of scenery until apparent superpowers start to wane.

Brady has spent more than two decades fine-tuning his game to the point that he is the most well-oiled machine the National Football League has ever seen. He rarely breaks down and has mastered the art of having body and mind working in almost faultless harmony.

His longevity can be put down to maximizing the tools at his disposal. Be that a cannon of a right arm or ever-improving fitness regimes, a man with seven Super Bowl successes to his name has learned how to stand the test of time.

Advances in technology have aided that process, with sport embracing the kind of change that has allowed other industries to prosper. Information is now at everybody’s fingertips, meaning that there are no excuses for second best.

The Buccaneers will not settle for that in pursuit of another Lombardi Trophy and are starting to look like they will take some stopping. The defending champs are priced at +500 with the FanDuel sportsbook to go back-to-back and repeat their achievements. Fans who put a bet on the Bucs will can get $1,000 risk-free bet with FanDuel’s sportsbook promo code, making Brady’s side a shrewd option to back.


Brady will be leading that charge and a man that has taken a pursuit of perfection to the nth degree across his remarkable career to date is starting to look like he really could go on forever.

In a recent interview when asked whether the end of an illustrious line is in sight, he said: “As soon as I see myself regress, I’ll be like, ‘I’m out’. I don’t really want to see myself get bad.”

It comes as some surprise to find that Brady even knows that the word ‘bad’ exists. It certainly has not been part of his vocabulary across an iconic stint with the New England Patriots and a glittering farewell tour in Tampa with the Buccaneers.

It is hard to imagine that there will ever come a point when he is ‘bad’, with so much time and effort having been exerted in a bid to ensure that said day never arrives.

We have not got there yet and, given his exploits in the present, you get a sense that Brady will continue to capture the imagination of punters within an ever-expanding global audience for some time yet. Brace yourselves for another round of questioning heading towards 2023.

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