Will Ben Simmons Play This Season?

Written by Noah Gagnon

Ever since Ben Simmons was traded to Brooklyn a few months ago Nets fans have been eagerly awaiting his on-court debut. He fills in a ton of holes for them, and might just be the missing piece in their title run. So, when’s he coming back?

I have no idea when he’s coming back. But, if you’re wondering what’s been going on with me, I’ll gladly update you. I got a pretty hefty exam to take in about 45 minutes. I haven’t gone to this class once all semester and am just hoping to roll up and pull a B or something on the exam. I grinded the study guide and the class is about strength and conditioning. I lift every day so how hard can it be? Pick up the weight, put it down, get stronger. Easy A to me.

Also, I’m going to the airport tomorrow and I just checked and I have seat 35E. Horrible. That’s the middle seat like two rows from the back of the plane. I’m gonna be sitting in between complete scum. Last time I flew to Florida some asshole just took my seat in a horrific, nonconsensual middle for aisle swap, and then acted like I was the crazy one when I asked why he was in my seat. Then, of course, the flight attendant sees two people having a minor dispute and rushes over like I just screamed something about bombing the plane, and now everyone’s looking at me like I’m a complete douche bag, even though this old sack of shit completely scummed me out of my aisle seat. He was like 80 so I took the high road, but I’m gonna be complaining about that for life.

And, I interviewed Sodiq Yusef again yesterday. He rules, that’ll be up tomorrow. I also got a new pair of white shoes that are pretty fire. Hit 185 on the bench this week. Alright, I’m gonna go fail this exam have a nice night love you bye.

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