Will Baker Mayfield Still Be On The Browns Roster Come Week 1?

Written by BadBoiCiCi

What’s next for Baker Mayfield? The draft has come and gone and he is still a member of the Cleveland Browns. With the trade of Deshaun Watson, he’s no longer their best quarterback and the signing of Jacoby Brissett shows that he also doesn’t have a backup job in Cleveland either.

Baker has a huge personality, and is a well liked guy for the most part. Not by the Browns apparently, they’d rather have a pervert as their quarterback. After an injury riddled season, where the Browns refused to shut him down for his own good, they’re ready to move on from the once number one overall pick. 

With the Panthers drafting Matt Corrall, it’s unlikely they will make a move for another quarterback as it is reported they fell in love with Corrall’s film. With the Seahawks not making a move for a quarterback in the draft it’s unclear if they will be moving forward with Drew Lock or plan on making a move for Mayfield. 

Will we start the season with Baker Mayfield still on the roster? Will he be with the team if so? I guess we’ll find out what kind of teammate Baker Mayfield is if he’s still on the team come opening week of the NFL season.

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