Wild Stat On Kelly Oubre Jr He Is 0/31 On Non Dunk Attempts So Far This Season @SportsCheetah

Written by schultzyca

Your girlfriends favorite NBA player Kelly Oubre Jr has the wildest stat so far this NBA season he is 0-31 on non-dunk attempts this season. That is a really wild stat when you think about it, he has only scored when he has dunked so far! When the Warriors picked up Oubre Jr this offseason I am sure they envisioned him being a very important role on this team this season and this start is certainly not what they planned on happening.

In the past two seasons Kelly definitely has taken the right steps and come to his own as a player he was certainly a big part of that Suns team last year. The Warriors I would expect have him being the second most important player on their roster behind Steph Curry and are planning on this group to have a successful season, we will have to wait and see.

When you think about this stat it just makes you scratch your head because Oubre Jr is a good shooter so you have to wonder if he is just overthinking or if he really is just in a huge slump. I am sure he will figure it out and the Warriors will be fine in the long run this season. We will have to see.

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