Texans over Bills: I want to take Buffalo as their defense is just so tough. However, their offense is limited and Houston gets JJ Watt back and along with being at home proves too much for Josh Allen and company.

Patriots over Titans: I so want to see Tennessee win as they’ve been hot while New England has looked old & slow. However, it’s the playoffs and in Foxborough. While I don’t see Brady winning at KC next week, I just can’t see Belichick not finding a way to coach Brady to victory.

Saints over Vikings: Is anyone outside of Minnesota truly rooting against New Orleans? They just can’t suffer another crushing playoff defeat, much less to Minnesota. They are clearly the better team and I’m rooting for a Saints-Ravens Super Bowl and The Man vs The Kid!

Eagles over Seahawks: Yes, I’m picking an injury-depleted team over one with an MVP-candidate QB. Seattle is just nowhere near as good on the road and how quickly we forget how “Philly Special” the Eagles can be!

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A lifelong Baltimore sports fan, especially football, from the old Baltimore Colts to the Baltimore Ravens. A legendary college intramural sports star in his own mind, currently fighting Father Time by being a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, all while being a good father and grandfather, accompanied in life by his two dogs, Murphy (English Bulldog) and Scooter (Bichon Frisée).