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Wife of New York Mets Pitcher Jordan Yamamoto Left with Inappropriate Tweets from Fans After Husband’s Lackluster Performance

Written by Nate

New York Mets pitcher Jordan Yamamoto had a disappointing performance Sunday afternoon as his team lost to division rival Miami Marlins, 5-1, with the pitcher going four innings, allowing five runs (four of them earned) on six hits.

However, there was drama on Twitter involving fans going after and harassing his wife, Madison, in inappropriate quote tweets.

Yamamoto posted a long tweet message addressing and owning up to his performance, and stated to #MetsTwitter about the tweets.

It is unclear which exact tweets fans were using to harass Madison on, but here are a few obtained on Twitter.

Here’s Madison’s reaction to those tweets:

Like what one person said above, being heckled by fans in the stand is one thing, but going on Twitter to harass and comment nasty things to a player’s wife on there is next level stupidity.

Some fans are completely awful. Hopefully Mets fans can learn a lesson from this and not go after those wives after a lackluster performance from their favorite players.

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