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Wife Of Former Detroit Lions KR Stefan Logan, Jennifer, Sadly Passes Due To Cancer

Written by TrevStone

Recently we posted that Stefan Logan who is a former NFL/CFL player known for playing for the Steelers and Lions was looking for donations as his wife, Jennifer Logan, at the time was battling cancer. But we are sad to learn that she has since passed away. This is someone who hash had an impact on me. My dad has cancer and watching her battle in and out while staying positive is something that has helped me. She messaged me multiple times over the years to stay strong for my dad. And learning of her passing hit me.

Stefan has been very kind to me since I was only 13 years old and he was on my podcast at that point. He’s had a podcast on our website at one point. Now? I’m 25 and still keep in contact with him often. He’s a great guy. Someone that I’ve looked up to for years.

Learn more about her journey by following Stefan Logan by clicking here. He will continue to spread positivity with the thought of Jennifer who was strong the entire time, he’s a positive light and he has shared her battle on social media! You can also read the story below which talks about some of her journey.

Please consider donating to the GoFundMe to show your support. If Lions fans started donating $11 because he was $11 for us. It would mean so much to many people.

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