Wichita’s New AAA Team Name Announced – Not Many Good Reactions From Fans

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A little background information for many of you – there are a lot of great nicknames for a ton of minor league baseball teams. Examples: The Lansing Lugnuts, The Amarillo Sod Poodles, the Cedar Rapids Kernels, just to name a few. Each team name is unique and different based on a team’s region and what brings people to their cities.

It was announced early on in the MLB season that the Triple-A affiliate for the Miami Marlins, the New Orleans Baby Cakes (another great nickname) would be leaving the Bayou for the plains of Kansas and the city of Wichita. Back in September of 2018, the Wichita Wingnuts, who were an independent baseball team in town at the time, was bought out of their lease by the city of Wichita at their old home, the Lawrence-Dumont Stadium, in hopes of building a larger ballpark in attracting an affiliated-Minor League Baseball team. The city later on announced a new $75 million stadium to be built, that would later host the New Orleans Baby Cakes (AAA) to relocate in 2020. Obviously, the Wichita Baby Cakes would make absolutely no sense. 

The name of Wind Surge was announced yesterday, via Let’s just say, the team name was brought with a ton of criticism from hometown fans following the announcement. The logo shows a horse depicted to look like the mythological creature of Pegasus coming out of a red “W.” Wichita assistant GM Bob Moullete told that “Wichita is the air capital of the world, and we’re paying homage to the wind. It’s a mighty force. It’s powerful to us, and timeless.”

To be honest, the new logo reminds me of the Mobil Gas Station logo.

A lot of fans met the announcement with criticisms over Twitter:




On a personal note – my high school during my senior year underwent a whole new nickname. My high school in Western Wisconsin had been known forever as the Chieftains. But after some time, political correctness settled in and we lost our beloved Chieftain name. But what happened after that? The small committee dedicated to giving us a new nickname narrowed it down to four choices, those being the Osprey, Dragons, Bengals, and Phoenix. Not a lot of good choices – though at one point in their small and storied career, one of our small towns before consolidation was known as the Fairchild Flying Purple Dragons. So whatever drugs that were smoked back in the day, had the true impact. What did our school decide on? The Thunder. Not even listed as one of the choices, it won as a write-in. I had no idea what our new nickname would be, until we ran out of the town at my first high school basketball game of my senior year, and it was decided we would be the Thunder. Our nickname was now… weather. Or Thor…

Going back to the article and putting my two cents in on the matter, after visiting Wichita once and rejecting a job offer down there, my suggestion of a nickname is as follows. Enjoy this classic country song by Glen Campbell: The Wichita Lineman.



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