Why you should show her.

Written by Sara Cheek

It’s 2022, it is time for you to spice up the bedroom. I mean,, does anybody truly have missionary sex once a month still?

I know that most men send their woman shopping or out for the day to get a break. In that break time, you get to also get some relief. That’s when you either log onto your OnlyFans or Pornhub and rub one out. Have you ever shown her?

I, personally, enjoy watching my man pleasure himself. It’s sexy as hell. And he gets to watch me, too. This is something you can do to either make sex last longer, watch her have an incredible orgasm, and visually stimulate each other.

Sex does not have to be boring. Get her a new toy and watch her use it. Introduce this by telling her you want to watch her. There is a reason every woman loves Christian Grey and was hooked on 50 shades. Let her finish with her toy,, and then you finish by using her.

Sex does not have to be black and white unless you’ve married a Karen. In that case, I rate and enjoy watching.

About the author

Sara Cheek

I’m a hockey mom, wife, cover model, and OnlyFans top creator. I love football, beer, and chicken wings!