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Why You Should Be Watching The Euros

Many people might be totally unaware to the fact that there is a huge soccer tournament going on in Europe right now. And maybe those who are aware aren’t really following it. America in general needs to get more into soccer, and yesterday was a really great example of why.

In what was the upset of the day, Switzerland took down France in penalty kicks. France, the world number 1, and favorites to win this tournament, found themselves down 1-0 at the half, after a beautiful 15th minute header by the Swiss. But then, in the 57th France struck back with a easy tap in goal by Karim Benzema. Moments later Karim scored again, to put the French up 2-1. In the 75th min, Paul Pogba ripped an all time beauty into the upper corner to put France up 3-1. This game seemed over. But there was no quit in this Swiss team. Scoring another header in the 81st min, the Swiss had cut the lead to one. 90th min, just moments left in the game, Mario Gavranovic, who will be a legend for the rest of time, pulled Switzerland even at 3-3. After the conclusion of added time it went to penalties where French wonder kid Kylian Mbappe missed his shot, sending France home, and Switzerland into the next round.

In the early game, we saw Spain knock out Croatia in extra time by a score of 5-3. In the 20th min the Spain keeper had an all time mental blunder as he allowed one of the most embarrassing own goals of all time to give the lead to Croatia 1-0. Spain would respond in the 38th, giving us a 1-1 score at the half. Spain would score 2 goals in the early and then mid part of the 2nd half, to go up 3-1. Much like with France, this game appeared to be on ice. Croatia got one back in the 85th minute, but with only 5 minutes remaining, it didn’t seem like it would matter. But then, in the 92nd minute, Croatia equalized to tie it at 3 a peace. Sadly, Croatia did not have the fairytale comeback complete, as the Spanish struck twice in added time, and advanced by winning 5-3.

So to anyone reading this who isn’t a soccer fan because it’s “boring”, find a new slant. Soccer is an amazing game, with non stop action and upsets that we dream about. That Swiss win over France is like if the Dolphins beat the Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round this upcoming season. Give soccer a try, you won’t regret it.

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