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Why was Kanon Trending on Twitter? Click Here to See Why

Alright, I was scrolling around through Twitter this morning and I just couldn’t resist passing up this story that went viral recently.

Yesterday, a tweet by writer and speaker Megan Aronson shows a story of her son, 11-year-old Kanon, asking for retweets for his birthday and how he had a very rough experience during the COVID-19 pandemic last year.

Aronson stated that Kanon and his family had to move twice last year and he was also bullied at the two new schools he was at.

“He’s sweet & sensitive & doesn’t understand why kids are so mean,” Aronson said in the tweet.

Over 135,000 liked and 19,000 retweeted or quote tweeted Megan’s tweet and even a couple users shared some stories about their kids or grandkids being bullied themselves.

Even well-known figures such as Keemstar and Kimberly Klacik stopped in and wished Kanon a very happy birthday too.

So on behalf of all of us at PSE, we wish you a very happy birthday ourselves! Hope you enjoyed your day, bud! You deserve to celebrate it more than anything.

**Photo Courtesy to Megan Aronson/Twitter**

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