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Why Was Jay Cutler Trending?

Written by Nate

There was some news going around about Jay Cutler that was seen trending on social media lately. The reason for it is a bit surprising.

Well, Cutler was trending because it appears that he was dropped on his endorsement deal by Uber Eats (a food delivery service and ordering app) all due to his opinions on kids wearing masks in schools.

Via Clay Travis and, the former Pro Bowl quarterback with the Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears, and Miami Dolphins quote tweeted on videos that were opposing mask mandates in schools, such as one Clay posted from over in Tennessee.

Uber later dropped Jay from his deal, which prompted these replies in the only way Cutler does.

Just seems to be the norm nowadays. If you disagree with any opinion or take that corporate companies don’t like or sponsor, they kick you to the curb.

Whether people like it or not, they can have a different take on certain controversial subjects such as masking kids in schools or vaccine topics. It’s just the way life is, people will be disagreeing, got to live with it sometimes.

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