Why TWITTER has RUINED the new generation of NBA Players…

Twitter has become a MAJOR part of peoples lives…

That being said, The NBA and Adam Silver have made it a MISSION to save these kids from themselves and the restore their confidence…

Players are FUCKING LONELY and their LACK CONFIDENCE has only made their psyches worse… Though Twitter has become the place for instantaneous news, it has also become the HOUSE OF RIDICULE AND OPINIONS.

More and more stories come out about NBA players having burner accounts to challenge people that TALK SHIT… and its bad. 
People are becoming BABY BACK BITCHES and unfortunate for KEVIN DURANT, he has become the first and the face of the movement.

When you need 3 burner accounts to talk shit to “People” to defend yourself, you must be READING THE COMMENTS section a little too much.
That being said, reading every comment that comes in PUNKS THESE KIDS.

They take everything to heart! Players have been staying inside more for a fear of public ridicule because of TWITTER COMMENTS! They actually believe that the minute they walk out, fans and people will come after them like they do ONLINE… and that is not good.

So the NBA has put on seminars about GETTING OFF THE SOCIAL MEDIA! 

Only time will tell, but i believe that “AS LONG AS TWITTER EXISTS, WE ARE BECOMING SOFT”..

I hope these kids get off the Twitter  and stop caring about what people think… Once that happens, all will be well… 

just stay off the comments



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