Why These Recent Trades Are Good For The Lions Come Draft Night

Written by Will

The NFL has had a lot of movement today with all these trades. San Francisco moving up to three almost guarantees that all three of the first picks will be quarterbacks. Hell, four will probably be a quarterback too. This is good for the Lions. Brad Holmes has said that quarterback isn’t off the board at seven but it looks more unlikely after today.

Out of the six teams in front of the Lions, two don’t need a quarterback right now, the Bengals at five and Dolphins at six. The Lions need wide receiver just as much as any position. With the top four teams most likely selecting quarterback, the Lions will have some good options between Ja’Maar Chase, tight end Kyle Pitts, or DeVonta Smith. Seeing Chase in that blue would be as sweet as those frosted cookies you get at the grocery store.

Hell, even if the Lions don’t want to go offense, they will have plenty of options on the defensive end. Guys like Micah Parsons, Patrick Surtain, and Gregory Rooussea. Parsons is a freak of nature, running a 4.49 40 yard dash at his pro day.

You get the point. Since the top four teams will mostly likely select a quarterback, the Lions will have a lot of options at seven. Hurry up April 29th, let’s do this.

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