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Why the Yankees SHOULD Trade for Matt Olson

Written by Durr

You’ve heard the rumors. The Yankees are all in this off-season. One of the names on that wish list is the Oakland A’s first basemen.

There are a lot of people who are skeptical about doing this trade and I understand the concerns. But really, this is a no-brainer.

A lot of people want to hold onto Anthony Rizzo, who yes was great and all, but is an aging player. And if Olson doesn’t work out, then go ahead and bring him back. But Rizzo should not be the reason. If you get Olson, you have two years of arbitration control.

Another reason is Gleyber. If this trade gets done, it will likely involve Mr. Torres. Yes, he has shown he is a lot better at second base, but C’mon we are talking about a perennial all-star at first base. Also, you can slide DJ back at second base, Urshela at third and you will have one of the best infields in baseball… assuming they sign a shortstop.

Lastly, it’s prospects. The Yankees have two great shortstop prospects in Peraza and Volpe. People want to hold onto them, but keep in mind they are PROSPECTS. Who knows how they actually turn out.

The Yankees are blessed with one of the best farm systems in baseball and it’s under the radar. They have prospects to give. The Yankees also are very good at signing international prospects so that is something I would not worry about.

Yeah so this video shows it… Get it done Yankees. Unless it’s actually too much, there is no reason not to

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