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Why the Toronto Blue Jays Infield Will Be Fun to Watch in the Near Future

The Toronto Blue Jays have no shot of getting into the playoffs in 2019 but Toronto is taking the right approach and bringing up prospects from their farm system.

The Blue Jays started off by bringing up Vladimir Guerrero Jr. in which they acquired in International Free Agency in 2015.

Vlad Jr. has played in 85 games and has a batting average of .273, 20 doubles, 13 homers, and 49 RBIs. Guerrero Jr. is currently a third baseman for Toronto but with his size and speed the son of Vladimir Guerrero might have a brighter future as a first baseman or even as a designated hitter. Guerrero Jr. is only 20 years old and has a very bright future ahead of him in Major League Baseball.

Toronto then called up Cavan Biggio near the end of May. Cavan Biggio is the son of Craig Biggio, Cavan is another young player the Blue Jays are giving an opportunity with Biggio only being 24 years old.

Biggio has played in 60 games, has a batting average of .211, 7 doubles, 10 homers, 29 RBIs. Biggio was drafted in the 29th round by the Phillies in 2013 straight out of high school but decided to play college ball and was drafted again, this time in the 5th round in 2016 by the Blue Jays. Biggio can play second base, first base, and right field.

Toronto most recently called up their future stud of a short stop, at least in the small sample size that has been seen in the 11 games played by Bo Bichette , Bichette was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2016 draft by Toronto as well and is 21 years old. The shortstop has played in 11 games and has a batting average of .408, with 9 doubles, 4 home runs, and 7 RBIs. Bichette is the first player in MLB history to double in nine straight games.

The Blue Jays might not have a ton of positives when this season ends but with this young trio and the positives that have been shown, Toronto might have hope for the future quicker than expected. If these players can be successful or have strides of success in their rookie year, imagine what damage can be done when they are in year 2 or 3.

With players like Vlad Jr that is bound to be a power hitter in the future, Biggio who can make strides and improve his batting average with more time and experience, and Bichette who is making history each game he is playing just by being a solid hitter and impressing many players of the game…Toronto can form a playoff team easily within the next 5 years.

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